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How to Overcome Your Nerves For a Summer of Lifetime With AmeriCamp

Nerves can often be a big reason for not taking part in a cultural exchange program such as AmeriCamp. So, we’re here to tell you that we understand but we also know everything is going to be fine. Here’s 5 reasons why flying off to AmeriCamp this summer is an absolute must, and not scary […]


Only in America: The True American ‘Country’ Culture

A post-AmeriCamp trip is never just a holiday, it’s about embracing the American culture and opening your mind to new experiences. A true cultural exchange would never be complete without investing yourself within the ‘western’ lifestyle of the USA. From Rodeos to country music, here’s some authentic experiences that will truly allow you to get […]


Celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Most people would probably assume that Mardi Gras is just another name for Pancake Day. They’re the same thing, right? Well, sort of, but actually, Mardi Gras directly translates to ‘Fat Tuesday’, and plays a much bigger part in American culture than the lowly Pancake Day! Mardi Gras is a French Catholic Celebration, usually celebrated […]


Only in America: The College Football Experience

An essential post-AmeriCamp travel experience Set the scene; it’s the first week of September and the start of a new college football season is on the horizon. Thousands of locals have filled the streets in anticipation of its return. It’s 27 degrees, the trunk of your truck is filled with ice cold beverages, and you’re […]


One of Our Most Successful Camp Fairs!

On the 10th November AmeriCamp HQ was host to one of our most successfully Camp Fairs to date. It was a fun day with loads of applicants getting #plACed at camps all across America. This season we upped the fair and made it our flagship event with a big placed glow light and #FreePizza. The […]


Typical Day at a Summer Camp

Working at a summer camp in America is one of the most exciting adventure you can experience. We have all seen the movies, where camp is full of swimming in a beautiful lake, amazing connection with campers plus the campfire songs. AmeriCamp helped support me in what to expect at camp and all these experience […]


5 qualities you need to be the best camp counsellor possible!

Before I embarked on my summer adventure at camp with AmeriCamp, I heard the quote “Summer camp is the toughest job you will ever love” I never know how true that was until I experienced it. For every tough moment, there are 10 more that will stay with you forever. Developing into a fantastic camp […]

Two AmeriCamp participants whilst carrying out American summer camp work

How the skills learned from American Summer Camp work can help you in the working world

My summer working at a camp in New York City was the best experience I have had in my 22 years of life. Thanks to Americamp, I was able to live my American dream. See the sights, eat the glorious New York street food ( often too much) and make the best friends I could […]


AmeriCamp Camp Fairs – Top Tips

With the AmeriCamp Camp fairs fast approaching, you may be wondering what to expect. Anya Steen, a former AmeriCamp participant has provided an in-depth account of what to expect, as you prepare to take a stride towards your Summer of a Lifetime! Hello all! With the AmeriCamp Camp fairs fast approaching, I’d like to offer […]


Is Camp Thailand Safe?

For anyone considering embarking on an Asian adventure, there is the understandable doubt that can sometimes have a tendency to creep into the minds of parents and guardians leading to the overriding question during the application process: “Is Camp Thailand safe?” In simple terms, we’ve devoted consummate time and effort to being able to answer […]


Summer Camp Canada Review

Here’s my Summer Camp Canada Review – I hope you enjoy reading it! This year, I went to Canada and experienced what I can only describe as a Summer of a Lifetime! – I applied for AmeriCamp Canada as I had previously been to AmeriCamp and decided that I wanted to visit Canada; there were people at Camp who had […]


Summer Camp America Reviews

Hi guys! This Summer, I signed up for AmeriCamp and headed to America for my Summer of a Life; nothing could’ve prepared me for what I was about to experience! In fact, my Summer was so enjoyable, when I came home, I decided to write a contribution for the Summer Camp America Reviews. I’d wanted to sign […]


Summer Camp America Review

Hi! Here’s my Summer Camp America Review – enjoy! During this Summer, I travelled to America and experienced what I can only describe as an American Dream! – I decided to apply for AmeriCamp as I had always wanted to visit America since being young; it was a truly memorable experience and I couldn’t recommend the program enough! […]


Camp Thailand Reviews

It is an ever-growing trend within contemporary society for travellers of a younger age demographic to soar to the skies and begin a temporary, short-term chapter in their lives in a new country; with an abundance of magical journeys on offer, the excitement is palpable. Prior to arriving at the airport for their adventure into […]


Camp Thailand Review

It is proving commonplace for hoards of excited young holidaymakers to jet to tropical shores, ready to begin their mystical voyage in comprising enterprise, culture and exploration. Before boarding the plane and flying into the unknown, the vast majority of participants opt to read about their final destination, immersing themselves in testimonials such as this […]


50 facts about the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous tourist attractions in New York, with approximately 4.44 million people visiting every year. There is so much more to the Green Goddess than you could ever imagine, so here at AmeriCamp we wanted to share 50 cool facts. Did you know: It was given to […]


Top 6 Tips to Camp Fair Success

From my experience of the camp fairs, here are my top 6 tips to camp fair success: 1. Research the camps Research at least 3 places extensively. Show your interest in the camp you’re talking to by knowing about them and why you would be a good fit. Also suggest activities you can do if […]


Five Reasons You Have to Work at a Special Needs Camp This Summer!

All across the USA there are loads of Summer Camps that work with adults and children with special needs. Working at a special needs Camp will be one of the best experiences of your life; they aren’t all that different from traditional Camps! Find the idea of special needs Camp a bit daunting? Here’s five […]


Day in the life of a Specialist

Hi! I’m Melissa, and I’ve just returned from the best Summer of my life, at Eden Village Camp in New York State, where I worked as a music specialist. When going through the AmeriCamp application, you’re prompted to choose between two main roles- either support staff, or a Camp counsellor. As the majority of applicants […]


Rachel’s Experience

An average day at Camp, by Rachel Mayes. 7.30am – Wake up and check in with my co-counsellors about the previous evening’s activities and make sure everything is A-OK with our awesome Campers! 7.45am – Get the speakers blaring, today’s wake up call is going to be my choice and I’ve decided that Under The […]


The best places to visit in Austin this Summer

Despite being in the South and predominantly Republican Texas, Austin has built up a reputation as one of America’s hippest cities, rivalling more glamorous locations such as Portland or New York. After Linklater’s cult classic ‘Dazed and Confused’ inspired countless ‘Urban Outfitters’ in 1993, thousands of hipsters have moved over to Austin for its wealth […]


Day #34 of #80DaysUntilCamp: Olympia, Washington.

Take a trip to the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, situated in the heart of the Olympia Center, the WCPA focuses on unique performances and cultural experiences! Visit the Olympic Flight Museum, with over 20 vintage planes and WWII aircrafts that flew in Vietnam and Korea! This is perfect for anyone with a love […]


Day #35 of #80DaysUntilCamp: Concord, New Hampshire

One of the main attractions from Concord is the Red River Theater. A community funded theatre, it took seven years to create and shows only Art House movies and local films, a nice change in culture from mainstream movies! Have a sweet treat at the Granite State Candy Shoppe who still use the same recipes […]


#39 Days Until Camp: Raleigh, North Carolina

Today we are in Raleigh, North Carolina! Known as the City of Oaks, this is the Capital of North Carolina and one of the US cities arranged in a grid making it a easy city to get acquainted to! Read on to find out more! If you’re looking to save money, the North Carolina Museum […]


Day #36 of #80DaysUntilCamp: Columbus, Ohio

The home of Ohio Stadium (pictured), also known as the Horseshoe, this stadium is the third largest in America! With ‘THE’ Ohio State University Buckeyes playing there, this is definitely worth a visit! Even famous bands such as Metallica and the Rolling Stones have played at this iconic stadium! If you’re looking for more performances, […]


Day #37 of #80DaysUntilCamp: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Today we are taking a trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! One of two state capitols with the State in the name, do you know the other one? The Oklahoma City National Memorial commemorates the lives lost to the Oklahoma City bombing on April 16th, 1995. A solemn landmark, it is worth a visit to read […]


#38 Days Until Camp: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Today we are visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota! Why not have an evening campfire learning about the parks intense history, astronomy and more! The Fort Buford State Historic site is a military post where the infamous Sitting Bull surrendered in 1881, with the rich history this National Park is beautiful and educational! Visit […]


#40 Days Until Camp: Charleston, West Virginia

We are halfway through our countdown and are now in Charleston, the State Capitol of West Virginia!! The State Museum should be your first port of call! Covering the history of the mountain state from the Native Indians through the civil war (Take a trip to the West Virginia Veterans Memorial and pay tribute to […]


#41 Days Until Camp: Princeton, New Jersey

We are in Princeton New Jersey! Home to the Beautiful Ivy League College Princeton! If you’re looking to learn a bit then Princeton is the perfect place to polish up perfect performances! Take a tour of the college with the Princeton Tour Company, find out why JFK left, where Einstein stayed and where Hemingway drank! […]


#42 Days Until Camp: Jacksonville, Florida

So you’ve made it to Florida! Remember to slap sunscreen on and whip out the shades, because you’re in the fifth biggest city in the US! Where to start? The Florida Theatre, is on the U.S National Register of Historic Places, the building has been standing since the 1920’s and has a range of different […]


#44 Days Until Camp: San Jose, California

Today we are in San Jose, California! Kick back, relax and read up on some of the awesome stuff there is to do in SJ! Pictured above is the Winchester Mystery House, built by the widow of a famous gun magnate, it was never truly finished, and never had a real plan. Check it out […]


#45 Days Until Camp: Boulder, Colorado

Today we are in Boulder, Colorado! With a swinging, modern vibe at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a funky place to add to your list of places to go! With mainstream brands to unique boutiques, cafes, live music and street art, The Pearl Street Mall is perfect for any shopoholic! After all […]


#46 Days Until Camp: Franklin, Tennessee

Today we are in Franklin, Tennessee! Only 21 miles out of Nashville, Franklin is known for its music, festivals and historical significance in America! For live music, theatre and movies the Franklin Theatre opened in 1937, refurbished recently, the Franklin Theatre is a cultural icon you must visit if you’re looking for a good night! […]


#47 Days Until Camp: New Orleans, Louisiana

Hi AmeriCampers! We are moving our #80DaysUntilCamp onto this blog! So you can see all the travel ideas we give you as we count down to the Camp Season! We’ll be retroactively adding the previous dates but we will kick off with Day #47! New Orleans! We are in New Orleans, Louisiana! The Birthplace of […]


AmeriCamp Costs

For many, the pursuit of the American dream is nothing short of a nightmare. Personal funds often fall short of the towering financial requirements requested from many mainstream travel companies. AmeriCamp costs allow applicants to realise their own dreams and secure a dream Summer whilst working at Camp! Lee McAteer, AmeriCamp CEO, found himself out […]


American Summer Camps

American Summer Camps continue to swat heavyweight dates on the calendar, with kids counting down to their date with tradition. Since Camp life began in 1861, the popularity of American Summer Camps has flourished significantly with many youngsters embracing Camp traditions. By 1918, Camps in the USA had increased by 10,000 across America following the […]


Summer camp America events

As another calendar year draws to a close, future Camp workers are preparing for a bout of stateside shenanigans in 2018! Summer Camp America Events are due to take place, as prospective Campers look forward to a dream Summer of fun, sun and adventure! While, the prospect of Summer Camp may seem daunting, the experience allows […]


AmeriCamp’s Five Fascinating New York Facts

New York City has emerged as one of the most exciting cities to visit in the world, not only the United States. If you want to Work In The USA, specifically New York you can experience the below with AmeriCamp. An urban metropolis comprising high-rise skyscrapers and endless iconic landmarks, The Big Apple continues to […]


Our Top 10 American Christmas Facts!

AmeriCamp’s famous T-shirt maybe red, but America has a lot to answer for when it comes to changing the history of Xmas and the famous St Nick. Festive habits of yesteryear have gradually been confined to the history books, with Christmas deviating from familiar traditions; as the festive glow of Christmas trees begin to illuminate […]


Deadliest animals in USA

Your summer at camp promises to be one of, if not the best experience of your life. With weeks of blazing sunshine, hours of enjoyable activities and foods that will tickle your taste buds, it’d be easy to neglect the dangers lingering within the confines of the American wilderness. Stay safe this summer whilst at […]


Top 10 haunted places to visit in the USA

The final destination of the deceased continually sparks debate between supporters of the supernatural and those firmly pitching their tents on the grounds of Camp Skeptic. However, in 2013, a staggering 56.9 million US residents reported ghostly goings-on, scary specters and abnormal apparitions at numerous locations. With the shadow of the Halloween season descending on […]


Zoe’s Tips for Stage Two!

The Next Step Now that I had passed my interview the real work began. It was time to find my three references and create my video and what a nightmare these would turn out to be for me. Let’s talk about my references first shall we!?  References The references had to be someone who had […]


Happy Independence Day, America!

Today marks 241 years since the United States of America as we know them today were created. It was the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed into law on 4th July (or July 4 for Americans) in 1776. Since then, Americans celebrate their Independence Day every year.  There’s nothing Americans love more than […]


Outdoor adventure (OA) specialist

My first week at Outdoor Adventure….127 bug bites, a poison ivy outbreak and the removal of 4 snakes from our equipment shed. Was it really worth it? 110%. Just a few days in and we were already a strong team of eight. Spending 9am-8pm together consisted of permanent team work, never ending laughter, bickering and […]

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