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What is a Camp Counsellor?

We’ve thrown around the term Camp Counsellor a lot - but what does this role really entail?
Well, think of Camp Counsellors as the cogs that make Camp run - you will be responsible for ensuring the children at Camp have the best summer ever! 

Being a Camp Counsellor can mean a variety of things, but we tend to categorise the role under two umbrella terms - General Counsellor and Activity Leader!

General Counsellor

You will usually be living in cabins with the children, looking after them at meals and downtime and taking them from activity to activity! You might also get to take part in the activities yourself, plan camp events or try your hand at teaching /coaching a skill! Think of this role as being an older sibling for the children on camp!
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Activity Leader

You will be responsible for running activities on camp in a skill you enjoy such as a sport, performing art, or watersport! You will plan activities and run sessions with the children to teach them your skill! You may also be in cabins with children and will probably get the chance to get stuck in with new activities you’ve not tried before!
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