Summer Camp America 2018

AmeriCamp sends people including students and non students from all around the world to do Summer Camp in America 2018 and has won many awards including Best Summer Camp America 2016 Organisation.

Have you ever had a dream of going to America? Well we help to make that dream a reality! By doing AmeriCamp you can gain an incredible job and earn up to $1845 for the Summer, not to mention that you are able to make friends that will last a lifetime. Put it this way, your Facebook friend list and your twitter followers will never be the same again. Who knows whom you might meet or end up seeing?

Speaking of social media, make sure that you follow our verified twitter account @AmeriCamp, after all there is only one AmeriCamp experience and you wouldn’t want to have anything but the best! Look out for our blue tick as there is a lot of wannabes around!

So what else do we do? Well, we work with over a thousand camps all across America and have had a lot of happy AmeriCampers over the years. For the last six years AmeriCamp has been named Best Summer Camp America Organisation by Save The Student, a “Hol lot of Fun” by The Sun and “only choice” by The Independent.

Summer Camp America 2016

We have also been named Best Summer Camp America Organisation by Uni2 and in fact our founder Lee McAteer was even named an Enterprise Hero for creating AmeriCamp in the first place. With all of the awards and accolades that we have won you can rest assured that by applying through AmeriCamp you are not only going to get the highest salary, but the best customer service. On top of all of this we had a 100% placement ratio for 2015 and 2016.

At this point we should also mention that at our AmeriCamp orientations, in which you will meet lots of other AmeriCampers, we provide #FreeBiscuits and lots of candy! It’s the start of every great Summer Camp America experience by doing AmeriCamp.

Grab a cuppa, some cookies and change your life by doing AmeriCamp! Apply Now by clicking the biscuits below! x


AmeriCamp - Free Biscuits - Summer Camp America 2018

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