The Experience

Life on camp is an adventure like you've never experienced before

You'll get to spend around 9-12 weeks working in the USA!

The average placement normally lasts from mid-June to mid-August.

If you are available from early June until late August, then even better! The more flexible you are with your dates, the more camps there are to view your application. The latest start date that we can accept is June 18th so please be mindful of this when signing up!

Camp Types

We work with 100's of camps across America to find you the perfect placement to fit your skills and personality, here are some of the different camp types we work with:

Traditional Camps

The majority of Camps we work with at AmeriCamp are Traditional. Most Traditional Camps will run overnight, where you will stay in cabins with children who stay for several days or weeks at a time! They offer a huge variety of activities from sports and watersports to art and performing arts and will most likely be nestled beside a beautiful lakeside!

Special Needs

Working at a Special Needs Camp is a unique and rewarding experience! These Camps cater to Campers with a range of additional needs and disabilities, doing many of the same activities as you would at a Traditional Camp. You don’t need any specific experience for this role, just a willingness to learn, as the majority of Special Needs Camps will provide full, comprehensive training to their staff.

All Boys / Girls

Single Gender Camps, which exclusively accommodate either all girls or all boys, can fit within any of the other Camp categories, offering a specialised and tailored experience for campers.

Faith Based

The majority of faith-based Camps we work with are for Campers from Christian or Jewish backgrounds. Most will provide the Traditional Camp experience with an emphasis on religious principles or traditions, while others will involve more faith based learning and worship. You do not necessarily need to be religious to work at a faith Camp, but a respect and understanding for other people’s beliefs is essential.

What's an average day at camp look like?

Camp is a wild ride! Whilst no two days are the same, here's a sneak peek into what a typical day might hold for you.
8:00 AM
Wake Up!
The early bird catches the worm - it’s time to get your Campers to flag raising to start another magical day on Camp!
8:30 AM
Breakfast Time!
Pancakes, waffles, endless bowls of cereal - whatever takes your fancy!
9:00 AM
Clean Up!
It’s time to help your campers make the cabin spick and span!
10:00 AM - 12:00PM
Activity Time!
Time for some Camp activities - are you going to be shooting targets at the Archery range, becoming the new Van Gogh at Arts & Crafts or scoring goals on the Soccer pitch?
12:00 PM
Lunch Time!
Time to refuel (and sing some of your favourite Camp songs!)
1:00 PM
Rest Hour!
Time to take a breather - you can chill in the cabin with your campers and catch up with them about the amazing day they are having!
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
More Activities!
Continue the fun-packed day with even more activities! Maybe you’ll be heading down to the lake or pool to take a dip!
6:00 PM
Dinner Time!
Is it Taco Tuesday or Pizza Night?
7:00 PM
Evening Activity!
The fun never stops - now it’s time for evening programming! This could be anything from a Talent Show to a Scavenger Hunt to a Campfire by sunset!
9:00 PM
Lights Out!
It’s bedtime for your campers - but not before they’ve roped you into telling a late night scary Camp story!
10:00 PM
Night Off!
If it’s your night off, it’s time to go chill with your fellow counsellors - maybe you’ll spend the evening planning for your epic post-camp roadtrip! 
Roles at Camp

100's of Camps Across the USA

We work with 100's of camps all across the USA so you could be staying anywhere. We'll work with you during the application process to find your perfect camp location.

Cosy Camp Nights

Most camp accommodations will be cabin style or they’ll use platform tents! If you’re a Camp Counsellor you will often share the cabins with your group of campers. If you’re working as an Activity Leader you may have separate accommodation with other staff members or sharing with a group of campers.

Find the perfect role for you

Coach your favourite sport, hobby or work as a general camp counsellor.
General Counsellor

Unleash Your Inner Camp Hero. Become a Camp Counsellor.

You will usually be living in cabins with the children, looking after them at meals and downtime and taking them from activity to activity! You might also get to take part in the activities yourself, plan camp events or try your hand at teaching /coaching a skill! Think of this role as being an older sibling for the children on camp!
Roles at Camp
Activity Leader

Coach Your Favourite Sport or Hobby at Camp!

You will be responsible for running activities on camp in a skill you enjoy such as a sport, performing art, or watersport! You will plan activities and run sessions with the children to teach them your skill! You may also be in cabins with children and will probably get the chance to get stuck in with new activities you’ve not tried before!
Roles at Camp

Real Experiences

Hear from some of our past participants on their time at camp.

Sophie's AmeriCamp Story

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Laura's AmeriCamp Experience

I had dreams of going travelling, getting a bit of work experience, and being somewhere hot. One of my close friends had recommended having a look at summer camps in America as it seemed a great way to do all of those things at the same time.
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