The Team

The AmeriCamp Team

The AmeriCamp Team is made up of an incredible bunch of people who have all spent multiple Summers away at camp.

Between us we have qualified horse riding instructors, lifeguards, girl scout leaders and staff who have worked at special needs and religious camps; whatever question you have, we’re well equipped to answer it!

“AmeriCamp go the extra mile for their participants”

Joining AmeriCamp is literally like being a part of one big family! All of our incredible staff in the office have spent many Summers working at a camp in America and can answer any question big or small.

From your initial interview, to AmeriCamp job fairs and orientations the AmeriCamp Team are with you every step of the way.

Always with a smile and always armed with plenty of #FreeBiscuits (we are a little biscuit obsessed as you can probably tell!)

Lauren O'Donnell
Head of Brand - AmeriCamp

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