Fast Food Feasts!

American, the home of the hamburger. The land of the fast food joint! You cannot go to the States and not let yourself indulge in the odd take out or two (or three. Or four. Or – you get the point!). If you’re not sure where to hit up first here’s a handy list of our favourites! The feasting awaits!

  1. In-N-Out Burger

Big portions of fries and bigger hamburgers! In-N-Out is everything you could want from a classic American fast food chain! With fresh ingredients and the opportunity to have up to four patties, it’s easy to see why the American’s love this place. But hard luck if you’re on the East coast as this chain is only in the South West!  

  1. Chick-fil-a

Chicken lovers rejoice! Chick-fil-a is here to save you! With a menu full of tasty chicken sandwiches and equally yummy side, you will not be disappointed. Oh, and the Frosted Lemonade is an absolute must! Chick-fil-a have over 2,000 locations across the States, you’ll never be far from getting you chicken fix!

  1. Cinnabon

If you love the sweet, spicy taste of cinnamon then Cinnabon is your holy grail. This chain is a celebration of all things cinnamon and their “world famous cinnamon roll” isn’t to be missed out on! But it’s not just the cinnamon rolls that they serve here, oh no! Get stuck in!

  1. Firehouse Subs

The name of this place comes from the two guys who founded it, firemen with a penchant for sub sandwiches! If you love a sandwich stuffed full of tasty things (and who doesn’t) then you should totally check this place out! To date, there are Firehouse Subs across 44 of the States hopefully you can find one and have a damn good sub!

  1. Culver’s

Another burger joint for all of you burger aficionados out there! Culver’s boosts a menu packed with fan favourites such as their trademark ButterBurgers, a burger served on a light toasted buttered bun. Their Fresh Frozen Custard and signature house root beer are just a few more of the absolutely-must-try items on the menu!

  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Everyone’s favourite Mexican take out place has to be Chipotle! You can choose between burritos, bowls, tacos and salads then you can then fill with whatever you please! Extra guacamole please!

Surfing in the USA

Wax your board and slip into your wetsuit because it’s time to go surfing!

We’ve all seen the movies where people glide effortlessly across giant waves, making it look as easy as walking! Who hasn’t wanted to be that person on the beach who oozes cool while their arm drapes over their board? Surfing might not be the easiest sport but it is definitely popular in the states! With hundreds of beaches and some of the world’s best surf spots, it isn’t hard to see why! If you fancy taking to the waves this Summer, here’s exactly where you should be heading!

New Hampshire
New Hampshire on the East coast may not be the first place to come to mind when you think of surfing in America, but this place has a steadily growing surfing community! This up and coming surfing destination boasts some great beaches without the crowds of the more popular states! Want to catch some waves in New Hampshire? Head over to North Beach and experience The Wall, s spot with ever growing popularity! Still a bit wobbly? Take some lessons on Jenness Beach and you’ll be on board in no time!

You can’t talk about the USA surf scene without mentioning California. The sport really took off in Cali after it hit its shores after travelling up from Hawaii over 100 years ago! With its unique proximity to the history of surfing, California really is a place not to be missed by wave hunters. There al so, so many incredible beaches for hanging ten, it’s hard to name just a few, but here goes! Head to Huntington Beach and catch the annual World Surfing Championships! So Californian it hurts, Huntington Beach is the perfect place to watch and learn from the pros! Catch some killer waves in Malibu, Los Angeles before chilling on the beach!

The birthplace of surfing, Hawaii is where it is at! Not only do these islands host some of the world’s best surf locations but also some of the most beautiful too! If you want to surf in America then it would be criminal to not visit Hawaii! Honolua Bay has beautiful turquoise waters making it super popular but definitely worth the trip! Such a beautiful place needs to be seen, and surfed, to be believed! In Peahi you will find Jaws, not a shark but a particularly radical surf break! Here you can climb to a high vantage point and get an incredible view of the pros riding some huge waves!

Want to catch a break in the Sunshine State? Travel down the Florida shoreline and you’ll find some excellent spots for surfing! If you want to learn or brush up those skills head to Jacksonville Beach or Ormond Beach and get yourself a lesson or two with the professionals. Cocoa Beach Pier is a great spot to catch a wave or two in Florida, it didn’t earn its “East Coast Surfing Capital” nick name for nothing!

What You’ll Need At The Airport

So, it’s nearly time for you to head to AmeriCamp! You’re all packed and super pumped to see what this Summer will bring you, but are you sure you have everything?

Here’s a quick check list of things that you will definitely need to get you to American that may have slipped your mind! When heading to the airport, you must make sure you have everything on this list so that you don’t get left behind. If you need any help locating these items or have any questions, do not hesitate to give us ring or drop us an email! We’re always happy you help you out!

  1. Passport with Visa inside
  2. DS2019 Form
  3. Sevis Receipt
  4. Contact details for your Camp (Names/numbers/etc)
  5. HCC Insurance Card
  6. Copy of International Flight Itinerary
  7. Onward travel instructions to your Camp

Here is the Emergency Phone Number should you need it: + 1-800-999-2267
Make a note of it!

Here’s a handy infograph with everything on that you can screenshot and keep!

Safe travels, AmeriCampers!

My AmeriCamp adventure so far!


Day 1: Friday 2nd June 2017

The first day was so overwhelming! We got on the coach from the hostel at about 12.45pm. A mixture of nerves and excitement were running through me, and 3 hours later we were at camp!

Now I am not going to spare details. We dumped our bags and we were checked for head lice! I would never have thought haha. Luckily, and not really shockingly, I didnt have lice haha.

We then found our bunks, In the bunk, there are 8 bunk beds, 36 little cubby holes and our bathroom actually joins on to another bunks room. So i’m in G11B (sticking with the 1’s Amy & Ricky), and the bunk next door is G11A. There are 4 tiny toilets and 4 sinks and plenty of mirrors until the campers get here haha. The bathroom is strange, as the bunk is raised off of the floor, so is the bathroom, and the floor is made out of wood which you can see right through to the grass. The toilet cubicles you barely have any room and same with the showers.

My three bunk mates and co counselors are amazing. There is Kaija (pronounced Kaya) from Minnesota whom has been in Paris for an internship for a few months. Stephanie – whom I actually met at the visa day! And then there is Alice from Australia!

We then had a meeting in one of the many theatres and had dinner, I didn’t eat much because I just felt so overwhelmed. I then found Fran and Robbie and the whole 450 of us played “Cheese Wiz” which is essentially human bingo. We played this whilst eating MORE food!

Bed time came and I was soooo excited. My nice bed time turned into the worst nights sleep I had ever had. It was SO cold oh my gosh. I spent half the night shivering to death. I did not appreciate the weather.

Day 2: Saturday 3rd June 2017

Naturally, i awoke at 6am and had a very hot shower to try and defrost. Wow I was cold.

We then went for breakfast and cleaned our bunks. We had free time until we had another talk about expectations of the bunks, etc. We then had a tour of the camp with our head counsellor Naomi, but we got caught up looking after a bird whose mother seemed to have abandoned it! It was so sad.

Afterwards, Alice and I got our Frenchwoods tshirts and had a walk around the camp. Then we had more free time after lunch so Amy and I had another walk and tried to get wifi – which is shocking by the way.

From 3-6pm we headed to our department to have a chat and sort out what we wanted to do. I am working in the art department which is cool because I get to still be involved in the performing arts, but not as intensely. I’m going to be doing a bit of everything I think, so batik, pottery, jewellery making etc. I’m so scared!!

It was food time again. I’ve never had so many meals!! I had bbq ribs, sweet jacket potato and mac and cheese. It was gorgeous! We then went to clean our department, so i swept up all the leaves, as some rooms we work in arent actually inside. It’s like a shed with no walls – pretty blunt way to put it.

It was then time for ice breakers with our head counselor, we learnt eachothers names and just had fun! The fun carried on jnto the night by having ice lolly’s and dancing to music! I feel like i’m in camp rock! Thank god every mealtime we learn a new dance, we were all busting them moves. It was the uplift we all needed! I had so much fun!

I had only been here one full day, and it has been so overwhelming, lonely at times. But I am so thankful to have had my 3 amigos to turn to and transition through this with.

Week 3… i mean day 3! (Easy mistake at camp) Sunday 4th June 2017

So I woke up early to go to the gym before breakfast which was around 6:15. I had a slow and steady work out, after all the whole day was still ahead of me!

We then had a couple of meetings to attend and worked at our designated areas, i made my first bracelet!

Oh, and it rained… and when i say rain, i don’t use the word lightly.

We then had dinner, another meeting, and played a game in the Pavilion called brain wars, we had to separate ourselves into Summer, Autumn, winter and spring and wear various colours depending on when our birthdays are. We all sat in four large groups and 5 people from each team had to answer general knowledge questions. Of course as a performing arts camp, in true French Woods style we got up and sang to grease, hairspray and rent in between rounds. Such good fun.

We didn’t do much after, just had a chill out.

Day 4: Monday 5th June 2017

I woke up and went to the gym again, for those who know me well i love the gym. I hated pure gym when I moved to Newcastle, so I never went. This gym is so quiet, and I even feel confident enough to wear just gym leggings and a sports bra which is something i’ve never had the confidence to do. French Woods is already doing good things.

After the gym it was usual procedures, breakfast, meetings, lunch, and more meetings.

Ron (the camp director) is probably one of the nicest bosses. At dinner (YES I’M CONVERTING FROM BREAKFAST, DINNER & TEA!!) he surprised us with a late night cinema trip to see Wonderwoman or Pirates of the carribbean. We had another meeting. It was then time for sports night, so we could pick various fitness/sporty activities to do for 1 hour. In true Jade fashion i joined in Zumba. I can’t be at a performing arts camp and not dance!!!

I also got my schedule! So this camp has majors and minor periods. Majors the child picks at the start of a session (which lasts 3 weeks) and minors are picked at the start of every day. I have first major off, then im working in ceramics (clay work), jewellery, nature craft and chain maile.

After Zumba, it was time for the pizza party! The camp dj played 3 Justin songs which I was so happy about haha.

After, we waited for mini buses to take us all to the movies. We got absolutely drenched, but you can’t expect anything more when you live in the middle of the mountains haha.

It was around 1.30am when the film finished, I am not going to lie when I say that I fell asleep for some of the time haha. But it was such a good surprise, thank you Ron!


It was around 2:30am by the time we got back to camp, we were all so tired! But thank god that we had a day off the next day.

Day 5: DAY OFF WOOHOO! Tuesday 6th June 2017

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been the most intense 5 days of my life, but it’s been very heavy with content and things to remember. We have had countless meetings and this day had been a looong time coming because it’s the day where each of us could buy things to make our bunk personal, maybe buy more necessities to last the whole summer as we would be here for 3 months.

After a long wait in the rain, lots of yellow school buses parked in the car park! YES I GOT TO RIDE IN A YELLOW AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS OMG.

About an hour and half later we arrived at a retail park which had a walmart, a TJ Maxx (yes TJ maxx? It has the exact same logo as TK Maxx haha!).

Firstly, we ate at TGI’s. I had a Jack Daniels burger… oh my gosh it was so good! I mean the food at camp is so good, but it was lovely to eat in a restaurant. Oh god i’m making it sound like i’ve been there 5 weeks not days haha. Fran even smuggled her mozarella sticks haha.

We got so many looks at the amount we bought from walmart, you’d think I was settling there forever! Hahaah! I got mermail bedding, a mermaid tail blanket, sheets, pillow, toiletries and a nice set of pink drawers etc. I also got some cold and flu things, I cannot wait until i aren’t deaf and can speak and breathe properly again. I wasn’t exactly sure how we were going to fit all this into that tiny school bus but hey ho haha.



It still hasn’t hit me that I am in America, maybe because it’s surrounded by green and rainy – just like my house in england haha.

It’s also been quite isolating this week, as its a shock going from having contact with the “outside world” to nothing. Especially since my parents are in Benidorm so whenever they’re up for breakfast and are in the hotel, im asleep or busy, and if I am lucky enough to connect to WiFi my parents are asleep. I miss them so much already! After we shopped ourselves out, and quite a lot of money later, we sat in Starbucks and I had a smores frappe! It was sooo nice! And to my surprise, MY MUM WOKE UP AND I FINALLY GOT TO FACETIME MY PARENTS! It was sooo nice to be able to speak to them again.

It was then time to just deal with the embarrassment and head to the bus with our huge shopping trolley of things.

The thing is, i’d rather spend $100+ and buy plenty of things and actually settle into my bunk, make it colourful and homely and not run out of things when im in the middle of nowhere haha. Especially since we have found out that we have a lot of new campers rather than returnee’s in our bunk. I’d rather them walk into a bright and colourful room than one thats dull and unwelcoming. I want the bunk to be a little safe haven for the girls – I want it to be home.

Tomorrow is the last day of orientation until the kids come, I can’t wait to meet them! Friday is a 6 minor day, which basically means the kids audition for shows all day. After all, it is a performing arts camp – there are around 80 shows through the whole summer. As many know, dance and musical theatre and drama is soo my thing! I’m so gutted i’m not directly teaching dancing, it’s a hobby I adore and sooo regret giving up on myself!

We then came home and i changed my bedding and went to sleep! We have a long couple of days ahead.

Day 6: Wednesday 7th June

So we woke up and were told that two 14 year old campers would be coming later on!! We decorated our bunk really pretty!
I even got a mermaid tail blanket haha.



It’s so weird how a bit of decoration can change a room and brighten it up so much.

We then had meetings all day! People have either an alternate or lazy day off, alternate means that you have a different day off to most – I’m not alternate, i have lazy days off!

After another meeting regarding bullying, i returned to my bunk to wait to meet the two girls! I watched every buggy go past in hope it was either of them, I was so excited to meet them! Unfortunately they didn’t turn up before dinner 🙁

BUT THEY WERE THERE AFTER DINNER! We introduced ourselves and went to the canteen for ice cream and a dance! We had an early night and Steph and I french braided each others hair as the rest of the campers were coming tomorrow!!! Eeeeek.

Jade xoxo

How To Make S’mores.

Recreate the memories of Camp by making s’mores at home! These marshmallow-y, chocolatey snacks are a Summer Camp staple and every camp counselor worth their salt should know how to make them.
So you probably don’t have a camp fire blazing away in your back garden, so here’s how to make the perfect s’more in the oven! You could always stick them on the BBQ if its sunny!

What You’ll Need:
Large marshmallows
Large bar of chocolate

1. Preheat your oven to 180 ° C and line a baking tray with baking parchment
2. Lay half your chosen biscuits on the tray. S’mores are mostly main with plain biscuits but you can really use whatever you fancy!
3. Break up the chocolate and put one piece on each biscuit then place one large marshmallow on top of that.
4. Pop the tray in the oven until the chocolate and marshmallows have melted.
5. Remove from the oven and top each one with another biscuit to create the finished s’more. Enjoy

So that’s how to make a classic s’more but you can always mix it up by switching or adding fillings. We particularly like to add bananas or switch the chocolate out for salted caramel! Yum yum!

Film and TV locations in the USA.

America is the land of Hollywood, blockbusters and superstars, so it’s hardly surprising that the country is laced with many iconic locations that have appeared in film and television. Pay a visit to some of these locations and live out your silver screen dreams.

The Seven Year Itch – Subway Grate
If you head down to 586 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, New York then you’ll find the world’s most visited Subway grate. This seemingly unexciting spot was actually the scene of much excitement on a September night in 1954 when Marilyn Monroe arrived to film the famous billowing skirt scene of The Seven Year Itch.

American Horror Story – Murder House
With American Horror Story switching up its main setting with each new season, it was difficult to choose just one place from this show, but I decided to take it back to the beginning and go with that beautiful mansion from season one. The red brick mansion dubbed Murder House, can be found in the suburbs of Los Angeles and is actually currently for sale. I’m not sure I could live there though, I’ve seen what lives in the basement…

The Dark Knight Rises – Gotham City Hall.
In the third instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Tom Hardy’s Bane is seen atop a tank in front of Gotham’s City Hall. He incites chaos and anarchy across the city by freeing the prisoners of Blackgate Penitentiary. His famous speech about oppression and corruption was filmed at The Mellon Institution building which is part of the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Twin Peaks – RR Diner.
Twin Peaks is a cult television classic from the 1990s and has a very dedicated fan base. Despite only the external areas of the diner being used in the shows, this little diner in North Bend, Washington is often frequented by devoted viewers seeking out a slice of its famous cherry pie and cup of that damn fine coffee! With the show returning to screens early this year for the first time in 25 years, I think this café will be very popular this Summer!

The Hangover – Caesar’s Palace.
This farcical film that sees a gang of unlikely comrades wreaking havoc in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas. Their first stop is the universally famous hotel, Caesar’s Palace. Waking up in this is hotel is a pretty different experience for the group as they discover a live tiger and a baby in the hotel room! If you decide to visit Las Vegas, maybe don’t go as hard as this lot…

Gossip Girl – The MET Steps.
Make like Blaire and her minions and head to the MET steps to bask in the Manhattan sunshine while you cast judgements on all of the poor people who sit below you. Okay, so maybe don’t do that but if you’re a fan of the American teen drama, then this is a spot to pay a visit to! Of course, this isn’t the only place you can visit, there are so many venues, locations and landmarks in New York City that played as backdrops to Gossip Girl. Don’t forget one of Blaire’s favourite spots, the pond where she feeds the ducks. There’s also The Museum of the History of New York also known at Constance Billard School for Girls where Blaire and Serena honed their popularity.


Frankie Cooksey

Summer Camp Movies.

What better way to get yourself all excited for your upcoming AmeriCamp journey then having a movie marathon? Now, grab that popcorn and settle in because we’re going to the movies!

Camp Rock
Okay so yes, it’s extremely cheesy and yes, it’s very over the top, but it’s a camp classic! Who can resist the Jonas Brothers and bit of a sing song. If you’re not belting out This Is Me at the top of your lungs by the end and cheering Demi Lovato on, then you’re doing it all wrong!

Parent Trap
This is one of those rare accuracies when the remake is actually better than the original! We all dream about meeting our new best friends at camp but imagine meeting your long-lost twin! That’s exactly what happens to Hallie and Annie when they go to Summer Camp! If that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re treated to not one but two 11-year-old Lindsay Lohan’s!

Addams Family Values
The sequel to The Addams Family, this film sees the children of this kooky family packed up and shipped off to Summer Camp. Not exactly the Addams children’s dream destination, Camp Chippewa has a hard time adjusting to the spooky siblings. After fooling the rest of their camp mates into believing that they have finally begun to fit in, Wednesday and Pugsley run riot and terrorise the camp! Maybe don’t do that when you do to camp…


Moonrise Kingdom
From the creative mind of Wes Anderson, this aesthetically pleasing piece of cinema tells the tale of Suzy and Sam, 12-year-old pen pals from New Penzance, who are planning to run away together. After a series of rescue attempts, the young lovers are captured and returned home. This is such a pretty film full of adorable costumes and an abundance of comical moments. Moonrise Kingdom is definitely one to watch!

It’s Not All Casinos and Clubs: Alternative Things to Do in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas often pops up as one of the places that everyone should visit while in America, but not everyone thinks it’s for them. If you think that the casinos and extravagant stage shows aren’t really your scene, here’s a few suggestions of other ways to spend your time in the City of Lights.

Hershey’s Chocolate World.
Get lost in the land of chocolate dreams when you enter Hershey’s Chocolate World. This store has everything you’d expect from an American sweetie store; shelfs packs with over 800 different variations of Hershey’s brand goodies, a sculpture of the Statue of Liberty made entirely of chocolate and a whole section dedicated to everyone’s favourite peanut butter candy, Reece’s! If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you’d be crazy not to visit!

Stratosphere Observation Deck.
This place is so much more than just a hotel and casino, Stratosphere has a huge observation deck that stands a leg wobbling 1,149 ft. above the ground! Here you can get a pretty impressive view of the whole city, particularly remarkable after the sun sets and city below is reignited by the bright lights of the many buildings.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat.
Fancy getting back to nature while still in the heart of a bustling metropolis? Head down to the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat and submerge yourself in its exotic surroundings. Watch the flamingos as they cavort around the lush grounds of the Flamingo Hotel. You’ll also get to see a myriad of other exotic creatures such as parrots, koi fish, turtles, swans and hummingbirds amongst others! This attraction boasts beautiful waterfalls and flourishing grasslands, there’s so much to see!

The Neon Museum.
Neon signage is a staple of the Las Vegas strip and celebrating that is what The Neon Museum is all about. The museum is home to the Neon Boneyard, an outdoor exhibition packed full of colourful, extravagant signs that tell the story and history of this world-famous city. This place is a great stop if you’re looking for interesting photo opportunities.

18b The Las Vegas Arts District.
The Las Vegas Arts District, otherwise known as 18b, is an area of the city comprising of multiple blocks specifically put aside for artists to use as their canvas. Vibrant street art adorns the walls of the neighborhood that houses an eclectic mixture of businesses such as vintage stores, galleries, bars, theaters, tattoo parlours and more. If you’re thinking of heading down to this kooky area of town, try to make it on the first Friday of the month because this is when the neighborhood holds its monthly festival! Full of food trucks, performances, art and live music, this is an event not to be missed!


Frankie Cooksey.

5 Broadway Shows You Need To See!

Broadway had 13 million visitors in 2015-16, and for good reason; it’s the Holy Grail of Musical Theatre! It launched shows such as The Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia into world-wide recognition. If you choose to use the extra 30 days you get with your visa when you apply to AmeriCamp, New York is one of the most popular destinations you could go to post-camp, and with that, Broadway! So, we’ve come up with a list of 5 musicals that you NEED to check out if you get the chance.

1. Anastasia
Often mistaken for a Disney movie because of it’s singing princesses and stunning animation, Fox’s Anastasia premiered on stage in May 2016 and since then has won award including Connecticut Critics Circle Award for Best Musical. It’s loosely-based on the Russian Revolution, and tells of Anya, a Russian princess who escapes the execution of her family, but hits her head and suffers amnesia, forgetting everything. With 22 musical numbers, the audience is brought through Anya’s journey to find her family. Tickets are available here, and will be running all through summer 2017.

2. School of Rock
Speaking of film adaptations, Jack Black’s iconic film School of Rock has come to the big stage too! If you’re worried that it won’t live up to the hype (after all, EVERYONE loves School of Rock, don’t they?) rest assured, it’s been considered just as much of a hit as the film was, earning $131 million in global box offices. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to go see it, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s written the music – the genius behind Cats and Phantom of the Opera – and songs such as ‘Stick it to the Man’ and ’School of Rock’ are still included from the film. Tickets are on sale here, with prices starting at $59.

3. Kinky Boots
Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco joins the cast of Kinky Boots from the 26th May to bring audiences through the story of Charlie Price, a business owner who’s shoe factory is about to go under when he meets Lola, a drag queen who encourages him to begin producing high-heeled boots for her drag queen friends. The musical has a ‘heart-warming’ feel, with motivational messages such as ‘You can change the world if you change your mind’. Having won Best Musical Theatre Album at the Grammys, as well as the Laurence Oliver award for Best New Musical AND a Tony for Best Musical 2014, you’ll be dancing along with all the drag queens on stage! Tickets are available all through summer, and start from $55.

4. Hamilton
At this point, who hasn’t heard about Hamilton: The Musical?! Telling the story of the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, this show is a great way to get a bit of historical knowledge as well as getting to sit through a record 16-time Tony nominated (11 of which it won) musical. Never before has a musical had such success before even hitting Broadway; once released half a million people went to see it and the show grossed $105.5 million. One reviewer went as far as to say people should “mortgage their houses and lease their children to acquire tickets”. If you want to get in on the hype while you’re in the States, you can grab tickets here – but be quick, or the only ones available will be costing you almost $1000!

5. Lion King
While Hamilton threatened to overtake this musical, the power of Disney was too strong, and in 2016 had the greatest turn out of any Broadway show in 2016. A classic had to be included in this list, and Broadway classics don’t get more iconic than The Lion King. The musical debuted in 1999 and is still running – a feat unheard of by most musicals lucky enough to get to the Big Leagues of musical theatre. In 2014, The Lion King became the highest grossest musical ever, and has won 5 Tony Awards. The show is, for lack of a better word, stunning. The costumes, the music, the scenery – everything about it makes it deserving of every acclamation it has ever received, and will undoubtedly continue to receive for a long time to come. You can get tickets now, and join the masses in witnessing a masterpiece.


Leah Caffrey.

Our Favourite Movies set in New York!

Get prepared for your upcoming New York adventure by watching some of the greatest movies featuring the City itself! New York has had a starring role in so many amazing movies it was hard to pick just six, but here are our favourites! Let us know your favourite New York City set film by tweeting us at @AmeriCamp!

A classic from the 1980’s, Ghostbusters sees three parapsychology professors (and Winston) take on ghosties and ghoulies in an adventure that leaves New York smeared in green goo.

Before the kooky collective of animals are washed up on a tropical island, they were happily enjoying life in the Central Park Zoo. From riding the subway to enjoying the lullaby of sirens, these creatures are true New Yorkers.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
New York in the 1960s and Audrey Hepburn are the dreamiest of combinations! If you don’t want to flaunt around the city in your best outfit after this then I don’t know what will!

Everyone loves this film, it’s impossible not to! Tom Hanks is the sweetest 35-year-old around! It’s such a shame that we can’t still recreate that iconic floor piano scene at FAO Schwarz. Sad face!

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
We know this one isn’t as good as the first. I mean, how does this kid lose his family AGAIN! Anyway, the scene featuring Kevin riding around in a limo while chomping down on pizza makes up for that because that was everyone’s dream as a kid! It kind of still is…

The Devil Wears Prada
This is a film that is impossible to dislike! Get a taste of what life is like for the rich and fashionable in New York and be ready to be totally envious!

Written by Frankie Cooksey.