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Here we’ve put together answers to the questions that most baffle our prospective and outgoing AmeriCampers! If your question isn’t answered here, then please feel free to drop by our office or get in touch with us by phone, email or on our Twitter (@AmeriCamp) Instagram and Facebook.

Coronavirus Information (COVID-19)

We are ecstatic that travel to the USA is now open for fully vaccinated travellers from the UK and Schengen Area (EU).

The rules and restrictions around travel can cause confusion, so keep reading to find out all you need to know about travelling to the USA this Summer.
When will the US Embassy open for visa interviews?
For additional information please see here.

Program Requirements

How old must I be to apply to AmeriCamp?
Do I need to be a student to apply to AmeriCamp?
Do I need qualifications in order to apply to be a camp counsellor with AmeriCamp?
When do I have to be available for AmeriCamp placement?

Application FAQs

How do I apply to be a camp counsellor with AmeriCamp?
Is there a deadline for AmeriCamp applications?
Where do I have to go for my AmeriCamp interview?
What is the camp counsellor interview like?
Who should complete my camp counsellor references?
How long should my AmeriCamp application video be and what should it include?

Fees and Figures

Do I pay taxes as a camp counsellor?
What is the programme fee for?
Do I need to submit a medical form, and will there be a charge for doing so?
How do I book a visa appointment for AmeriCamp?
How will I be paid as a camp counsellor?
How do I book my flights?
How much can I earn as an AmeriCamp camp counsellor?

Getting #plACed

How does AmeriCamp place me at camp?
How long does it take to get #plACed?
Where will I be placed through AmeriCamp?
Can I choose which State I work in?
Can I get #plACed with a friend or a partner?
How will a camp get a hold of me?
How will I know I have been placed?
Do I have to accept the first job offer?

Visas and Insurance

How long will it take for my J-1 visa to be processed?
What happens if I miss my embassy appointment or am denied a visa?
Am I covered by medical insurance through AmeriCamp?
Should I get travel insurance for AmeriCamp?

Before, at and After Camp

How do I get to my AmeriCamp placement after my arrival?
What will I be doing at my AmeriCamp placement?
As a camp counsellor, what should I pack?
Will the camps have phones and internet access?
I am in America, I have a problem and don't know who to talk to
What happens if I get fired or have to return early?
Can I travel after my AmeriCamp placement ends?


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