Costs & Salaries


With AmeriCamp you will earn a salary that truly allows you to travel after camp. All listed salaries are a base meaning that you will earn this sum as a minimum.

First Timers

All Counsellors and Support Staff will earn a minimum of $2000


As a returner it is up to you to negotiate your salary with your camp!

What’s Included

  • Placement at one of our amazing Camps in the USA
  • Minimum salary of of $2000
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for the full duration of your camp contract
  • All meals and accommodation for the duration of your camp placement
  • Guidance and sponsorship for your J-1 Visa and cultural exchange permits
  • Up to 30 days of travel included on your visa after you have completed your camp placement
  • A pre-departure orientation to ensure you’re fully prepared for camp before flying out
  • 24-hour emergency helpline in the USA if you ever have any problems
  • Full support throughout the application process


First-timer applicant payment options for 2022:


Paid in full upon signing up to the program

or £396

Across 3 instalments with a £49 deposit

or £396

Across 6 monthly instalments with a £49 deposit
For returner pricing, check here.

3rd Party Fees

  • Flights – £350-£500 (this price range is a guide)
  • Embassy Fee for your J-1 Visa appointment- $160
  • Medical Check – £0-£60 (varies based on GP discretion)
  • Criminal Background Check (DBS) – £65

What to Expect from AmeriCamp

  • A placement you love at one of the fabulous Camps we work with in the USA
  • Brilliant and personal customer service – our team are always available to help you at all stages of your application!
  • Fun orientations to fully prepare yourself for Camp and to introduce you to people going to the same Camp as you!
  • An interview with one of our wonderful campus managers.
  • Discounted AmeriCamp hoodies and t-shirts
  • Discounts with our partner companies such as Camp Thailand, Camp Bali, Camp Maldives, Camp South Africa and Invasion
  • A great addition to your CV
  • A free t-shirt

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