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Typical Day at a Summer Camp

Working at a summer camp in America is one of the most exciting adventure you can experience.

We have all seen the movies, where camp is full of swimming in a beautiful lake, amazing connection with campers plus the campfire songs.

AmeriCamp helped support me in what to expect at camp and all these experience will certainly become reality when you arrive at camp, but you may be wondering what exactly the day to day work is like? Here is what you can expect!

6:30am – Time to wake up

Early start! But it is worth it for the peaceful surroundings you wake up to with the campers asleep and only the wildlife making the noise. Have a shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair and get changed into your clothes for the day, depending on what activities you have or what the weather is predicted to be. Make sure you have EVERYTHING ready for yourself as after the campers are up, your focus has to be on helping them.

7:15am – Wake the campers up

Wake your campers up and talk to them about what exciting activities you have planned. Same as yourself, make sure they have everything they need for the day ahead. Remember to put on your AmeriCamp shirt!

8:00am – Breakfast!

Fill up on all you can as summer camp is hungry work. Make sure the campers get all they need and will not be saying their hungry soon after. Pro tip-Take some fruit with you in your backpack, it helps with your morning snack cravings, as well as any campers that maybe struggling too.

9:00am-12:00pm – Morning activities

The Camp day starts now! Your morning schedule typical consistent of three different activities. From swimming to sports, from arts to fire building, their is variation in what you and your campers will do everyday. You may even enjoy activities that last the entire morning such as visiting your camp’s farm or taking part the high rope course. Make sure to be extra brave in front of your campers, it also will look great on Instagram when your swinging from tree to tree in your AmeriCamp Shirt.

12:15-1:30pm – Lunch

Time to refuel. This is a great opportunity to talk to campers about their mornings, what they liked and didn’t enjoy as much or any issues they may need help with. Talk to your campers about what you have coming up in the afternoon, getting them excited for the rest of the day. Always wish you had the AmeriCamp #FreeBiscuits right are now.

1:30-2:45pm – Cabin time

This is where you can return to your cabins with your campers to spend some time relaxing with them. Trust me, you will not realise how tired you are in between all the fun your having and neither will the campers. This offers more chances for you to bond with your campers and learn more about them as people, Also share some stories from yourself, the campers are always fascinated about the lives of the counsellors looking after them. Board and card games are popular here, just make sure you know your Uno rules!

3:00-6:00pm – Afternoon activities

The fun starts all over again! You will have different activities to the morning, again showing the variation camp has to offer. Swimming in the lake is always best at the time as the sun had warmed up the lake and the campers have the energy to splash around.

6:00-7:15pm – Dinner

Where has all the food you had eaten earlier gone? It’s been easily burned off amongst all the fun you have in your activities. Dinner is the biggest meal of the day and it is needed to satisfy your hungry campers. Their is also dessert, the best part of any camp meal! Ice cream Sandwich were always the most popular with everybody savouring each sweet bite. Again, talk to your campers about what they have enjoyed from today. They are also weird and wonderful answers.

7:30-8:30pm – Evening activity

Ever wanted to show off your dancing skills at a party to everybody? ( Learn your Fortnite dances!) Or watch the campers put on a magic show preference? Or maybe take part in a treasure hunt, running from place to place for clues and helping your campers along? The camps evening activities are different every night with many fun and unique activities for you and your campers to do. Just get your talent show act ready now!

8:45-9:30pm – Camper bed time

Time to get the campers to sleep after a full day of activities. Some of them will say they can stay up all night but they will soon be asleep after being busy all day. This was often the time campers would shower and set out their swim gear or towels to dry on the cabin porch overnight. Reading to the campers is a great way to get everybody to relax before lights out, plus it also shows your willing to spend as much time with the campers as possible.

9:30-10:15pm – Relax

This your time to spend showering or catching up with family back home or the social media you have left behind ( Its easier to cope than you think). It is also nice to catch up with your other counsellors about their days. This was a great chance to plan out your time outside camp, whether it be what movie you see on your day off or which fantastic place in America you visit after camp ( NYC anybody?). I also used this time to contact the AmeriCamp team about my camp adventure, they always love to hear and share the amazing experience you have had.

10:15pm – Staff meeting

This is where you catch up with your direct leader about the events of the day and any information you need to know. It is also great to check in with your other staff members, to see if they need support or if they can offer advice that may help you. The days can be long, so its great to know there is a support network around you. This is also the chance to share the hilarious stories from the day, providing some of the best moment you will have at camp. Just don’t be too loud otherwise the campers may wake up and wonder what all the counsellors are up to. They always think it’s a party!

10:45pm – Your time

This is the time for you. Whether you want to get as much sleep as possible ( I never did), get yourself prepared for tomorrow or spending all night talking with your other counsellors. I would often choose the third option as this is where you form the connection with others and memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy this camper free time, as another action packed day starts all over again when the sun rises! It really is everything AmeriCamp promises!

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