Top 6 Tips to Camp Fair Success

Published 17th October 2018

From my experience of the camp fairs, here are my top 6 tips to camp fair success:

1. Research the camps

Research at least 3 places extensively. Show your interest in the camp you’re talking to by knowing about them and why you would be a good fit. Also suggest activities you can do if you were chosen for that specific roles.

2. Check your skill is still available

Check the board behind your chosen camp before you queue, unfortunately the position you are looking for could already be taken so better save yourself the time and hop into the queue of a camp that is still looking for your skill. If there isn’t a list on the boards ask the camp directors when you meet them if this position is still available.

3. Look the part

Dress appropriately but remember this isn’t an interview with an accountancy company so show your personality. Wear any club jumpers/t-shirts that may be appropriate to the skill you are trying to find a job in and be comfortable, it can be a long day!

4. Bring your application

Bring your application, this is the most important thing you bring to the Camp Fair besides your ticket and yourself and your enthusiasm… ok so lets say it’s a tie. And feel free to bring any certificates and references you have also, the camp directors might not even look or ask for them but it shows you’re prepared and organised.

5. Be early

I got there about 45 minutes before doors opened and as you saw there were about 50 people already there. It just means you have time to talk to AmeriCamp staff and get a feel for how the day is going to go. You will then also be at the front of the queues for the camps and if you’re feeling social like I was you’ll make some friends along the way! It’s a super fun day so being there an hour early isn’t as dull as it sounds… the AmeriCamp staff are around to keep you entertained and you can always grab a coffee and breakfast to go if you’re feeling super lazy and want the extra time in bed!


Show them your personality, they really want to know what kind of person you are so don’t be afraid to be your weird and wacky self! Smile and be enthuasiatic remember you are applying for a job where you will need to be full of energy pretty much non stop from when your plane lands, no pressure!

If you haven’t already seen it, I have a vlog on my YouTube channel taking you along with me to the London camp fair. So head to my channel and find out more about the camp fairs.

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