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Only in America: The True American ‘Country’ Culture

A post-AmeriCamp trip is never just a holiday, it’s about embracing the American culture and opening your mind to new experiences.

A true cultural exchange would never be complete without investing yourself within the ‘western’ lifestyle of the USA. From Rodeos to country music, here’s some authentic experiences that will truly allow you to get a grip on the American country culture.

Experience a rodeo

Rodeos are perhaps at the peak of American culture. Dating back to the late 1800’s, they are somewhat of a tradition for many Americans. Texas, otherwise known as the cowboy capital of the world, is a hotspot for an authentic western experience – offering a rodeo day-out that is nothing short of exceptional.

The rodeo itself is only the penultimate part of the experience; the whole day is filled with barbequing, drinking in saloons and chatting to locals about their Southern (or ‘country’) way of life. By the time the rodeo comes around everyone is in high spirits and the atmosphere inside is really something to behold.

So why not grab your AmeriCamp friends, slip into a pair of cowboy boots and head down south for the most ‘American’ experience of your life. 

Camp at an American ‘country’ state park

Step into the scene of a classic American Western film by visiting one of the national parks that feature in many famous films. Not only will you discover one of the USA’s many hidden treasures, these parks also make a great camping spot for you and your AmeriCamp friends.

Ridgeway state park, Colorado, home to many of the scenes in the classic American Western ‘True Grit’, is an example of the ideal location for an AmeriCamp adventure.

With 256 camp sites, 3 yurts and being just a few miles away from the summit of ‘Owl Creek pass’, a trip to Ridgeway is definitely one for your hidden treasures bucket list.

In the true sense of adventure, you will spend your day hiking up the ridge and your night camped under the stars – it’s the perfect way to feel at one with the outdoors.

Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame

As far as music goes in the USA, country music is as popular as any genre, if not more so. Kids in the US will grow up listening to Parker McCollum alongside Justin Bieber, meaning the country music culture is huge.

Even if you’re not into country music, the country music hall of fame, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is something worth seeing during your visit to the USA with AmeriCamp.

Not only is the building itself a beautiful piece of architecture, the vast number of interactive exhibits will be sure to open a new light of interest for you.

So, if you’re seeking a countrified AmeriCamp experience, this hall of fame is definitely not one to miss. 

Go line dancing at a Saloon

Saloons in the USA are no ordinary feat. Many of these traditional ‘bars’ have been transformed into incredible music and dance venues that can host thousands of people in one night.

With drinks that are reasonably priced and an atmosphere that will carry you through the night; these family friendly venues are often the liveliest place in the town.

From impressive live acts to infectious line dancing – you definitely won’t be struggling for fun all evening long. 

From Texas to Colorado, these spots are key to creating yourself the most ‘Country’ AmeriCamp experience possible. So, why not get your AmeriCamp friends on board and embrace all the USA has to offer!

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