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Happy Independence Day, America!

Today marks 241 years since the United States of America as we know them today were created. It was the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed into law on 4th July (or July 4 for Americans) in 1776. Since then, Americans celebrate their Independence Day every year. 

There’s nothing Americans love more than America, and they’re experts at throwing the biggest and best parties in the world. So a chance to throw a huge party to celebrate all things American? It can’t get any better than that.

Floats, Food and Fireworks 

The whole country celebrates the national holiday by turning into a huge sea of red, white and blue with the Star Spangled Banner flying from every building, hat and hand. People take to the streets to join in parades, watching the floats together and holding back the tears of pride as someone starts to sing the national anthem.

Of course, the food is amazing too. Think huge portions of BBQ food; burgers, chicken wings, anything you can imagine and more. Huge mountains of fries and giant milkshakes are also a must. For single day of celebrations, it is estimated that around $7 billion is spent and that’s just on food. Every year, Americans eat 150 million hot dogs on just one day!

Overall, the best bit has to be the fireworks. 16,000 places host big and beautiful displays that thousands take to the streets to watch in amazement as they light up the sky. You could see them in the heart of the city in San Fransisco, on the beach in LA or behind The White House itself. It needs to be on everyone’s bucket list to be in America for Fourth of July because it’s an unmissable experience! 

Could there be anything more fun than celebrating America’s Independence Day in New York? 

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