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AmeriCamp’s Five Fascinating New York Facts

New York City has emerged as one of the most exciting cities to visit in the world, not only the United States. If you want to Work In The USA, specifically New York you can experience the below with AmeriCamp.

An urban metropolis comprising high-rise skyscrapers and endless iconic landmarks, The Big Apple continues to mesmerize visitors with an abundance of charm, and charisma

With five bustling boroughs to explore, the city is jam-packed with history and personality. Here are a few facts about the city that never sleeps to make you sit up and take notice of its distinctiveness.

1 – Albert Einstein’s eyes are locked in a safety deposit box in the city

German born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein is widely considered as the most significant and intelligent contributor to science. However, despite his positive work in relation to science, his ties to New York City are somewhat morbid.

Prior to his death in 1955, Einstein professed that he would like to be cremated upon his passing. However, contrary to his wishes, his brain was preserved and divided into over 150 pieces, while Thomas Harvey removed his eyes illegally during an illegal autopsy at Princeton Hospital.

The eyeballs of Albert Einstein have since exchanged hands, and are now locked in a safety deposit box in New York City. Prior to his death aged 91, Dr. Henry Abrams said: “Albert Einstein was a very important part of my life – a lasting influence. Having his eyes means the professor’s life has not ended. A part of him is still with me.”

2 -New Yorkers aren’t the only species riding the subway…

Upon arrival in New York, it becomes immediately apparent how pivotal the subway system is to the daily existence of a New Yorker; in 2013, the New York City subway cars travelled a staggering total of 344.9 miles. Moreover, if all tracks in the NYC were laid end to end, they would stretch from New York to Chicago, putting into perspective the true scale of the subway network.

However, New York citizens and visitors to the Big Apples aren’t the only ones riding the subway system – a staggering 15,152 forms of life have been discovered on the New York subway, including different types of insects and bacteria.

3 – If traffic irritates you, DON’T beep your horn!

The volume of traffic in New York City can bring transport on the roads to a grinding halt, so much so, that ownership of a vehicle is sometimes considered counter-productive.

The continuous beeping of the horns of aggravated travellers contributes to the soundtrack of New York City, but if you find yourself driving in any of the boroughs, resist the temptation to join the trend.

Unless you found yourself caught in an emergency, honking your car horn is actually illegal, despite the fact that everyone does it! So remember, patience is a virtue – your eagerness could land you in hot water with the authorities.

4 – New Yorkers are statistically more hazardous than sharks

The city of New York has worked extremely hard to shed its image as a volatile, unwelcoming city with a reluctance to embrace outsiders.

In the 1980s, industrial decline, stagnation of the economy and soaring crime rates contributed to a rotten depiction of the Big Apple.

Although New York’s reputation has been enhanced considerably in the ensuing twenty to thirty years, some New York citizens do have a tendency to be prickly, as demonstrated by this alarming fact – New Yorkers bite ten times more people each year than sharks do worldwide.

That’s right – you read it correctly first time; in the average year,there is more chance of a New Yorker taking a nibble at you than a shark, despite the top-class cuisine on offer in the city…

5 – The Empire State Building has its own zip code

Standing at 102 stories high, the world-famous art-deco building is synonymous with New York City.

While the building is not the tallest, (that honor belongs to One World Trade Centre), the Empire State Building is third in the list, standing at 1,250 foot.

Due to its monumental size, the Empire State Building has its own zip code; other US sites with their own zip code include The White House, Chicago’s Sears Tower and the Dodger Stadium, home of Major League Baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers.

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