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Camp Thailand Reviews

It is an ever-growing trend within contemporary society for travellers of a younger age demographic to soar to the skies and begin a temporary, short-term chapter in their lives in a new country; with an abundance of magical journeys on offer, the excitement is palpable. Prior to arriving at the airport for their adventure into the unfamiliar, many participants decide to read about their destination, engrossing in declarations such as these Camp Thailand reviews.

Each year, Camp Thailand successfully launch a drive as we seek to provide with an unrivalled opportunity to secure a whole host of treasured memoirs in areas of Thailand widely considered to be highly desirable by travel connoisseurs; Camp Thailand provide astonishing Camp locations in Phuket, Hua Hin, Sing Buri and Chiang Mai.

Candidates are afforded the luxury to embark on an enchanting trip by Camp Thailand, mixing a range of engaging activities such as a visit to a local school to teach English to young people in the local society and trips to a local sanctuary to give support to adorable elephants. Applicants can also join our optional visit to Cambodia, otherwise known as the ‘The Land of Smiles’ and further extend their knowledge of alternative philosophies. Camp Thailand is a travel program offering an unparalleled insight into the Asian lifestyle, thanks to the locals’ willingness to welcome visitors into the community.

After reaching home turf, members of our Camp Thailand intakes decide to share their experiences in a series of Camp Thailand reviews.

Anna chose to apply for our Camp location in Phuket, and provided the Camp Thailand team with a glowing appraisal of her stay at Camp Thailand: “The experience has been absolutely amazing. While there is many travel companies that give you the chance to visit a country, Camp Thailand offers a more authentic experience. During my stay, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching in schools; it was great helping the children and seeing how wonderful they are. Throughout the trip, things have been amazing, you don’t feel like you’re a tourist – you’re welcomed into their community.”

Matt, took part in our Real Thai Experience, an option taking applicants to Sing Buri, and was full of praise for the Camp Thailand initiative in his testimonial: “There hasn’t been a moment where I haven’t enjoyed my Camp Thailand experience; the trip has been incredible and I have met so many friends who I’ll keep in touch with for a long, long time. I expected the elephant sanctuary trip to be a highlight before I touched down in Asia, but nothing could prepare me for the day – it was truly amazing; I’m so happy to have taken part in the program.”

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