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It is proving commonplace for hoards of excited young holidaymakers to jet to tropical shores, ready to begin their mystical voyage in comprising enterprise, culture and exploration. Before boarding the plane and flying into the unknown, the vast majority of participants opt to read about their final destination, immersing themselves in testimonials such as this Camp Thailand Review.

Every year, Camp Thailand are successful in our ambitious drive to ensure that travellers are given the chance to secure a whole host of unforgettable memories in the nook and cranny of Asian opulence; the company offer a range of incredible Camp locations in Phuket, Hua Hin, Sing Buri and Chiang Mai.

Camp Thailand offers applicants the chance to embark on a captivating quest, combining a variation of engaging activities including English teaching in educational establishments within the local community, visits to a local sanctuary to provide care and support for adorable elephants, as well as a chance to stop by at neighbouring Cambodia, a land affectionately known as ‘The Land of Smiles’. Camp Thailand is an inimitable immersive travel experience in the depths of one of the most desired regions of the world.

After landing back on home turf, it is commonplace for members from each intake to provide a summary of their travels in the form of a Camp Thailand Review.

Anna chose to apply for our Camp location in Phuket, and provided the Camp Thailand team with a glowing appraisal of her stay at Camp Thailand: “The experience has been absolutely amazing. While there is many travel companies that give you the chance to visit a country, Camp Thailand offers a more authentic experience. During my stay, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching in schools; it was great helping the children and seeing how wonderful they are. Throughout the trip, things have been amazing, you don’t feel like you’re a tourist – you’re welcomed into their community.”

James, an applicant for the Chiang Mai program, also had high-praise for the Camp Thailand stating: “My Camp Thailand experience has been fantastic from start to finish! For anybody considering taking part in the Camp Thailand, I can’t recommend it enough.”

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