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What is AmeriCamp?

AmeriCamp is an award-winning organisation that has been sending people to work at Summer Camps in the USA since 2010!

We were founded on our shared dream to help people have the Summer of a lifetime at Camp and the goal to provide each of our applicants with the best possible salary and customer experience!

AmeriCamp works with hundreds of camps across the United States ensuring that you get placed at a camp which is the perfect fit for you.

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What's Included?

Standard Benefits
Placement at one of the amazing Camps we work with in the USA!
An incredible salary of at least $2000!
Free accommodation and meals at Camp!
Comprehensive medical insurance for your entire time in the USA including travel!
J-1 Visa Sponsorship allowing you to work and earn money legally in the USA!
A 24-hour Emergency Phone Line during your time in the USA!
Opportunities to meet your fellow camp counsellors before you go.
Outstanding customer support!
An invite to our awesome Camp Fairs!
30 days to travel anywhere in the USA after Camp!
Memories that last a lifetime!
BUCS Benefits
Placement at one of the amazing Camps we work with in the USA!
An incredible salary of at least $2000!
Free accommodation and meals at Camp!
Comprehensive medical insurance for your entire time in the USA including travel!
J-1 Visa Sponsorship allowing you to work and earn money legally in the USA!
A 24-hour Emergency Phone Line during your time in the USA!
Opportunities to meet your fellow camp counsellors before you go.
Outstanding customer support!
An invite to our awesome Camp Fairs!
30 days to travel anywhere in the USA after Camp!
Memories that last a lifetime!
Priority Access to our in-person camp fair.
Exclusive Premium online hiring events.
First camp interview within one week of going live.
Placement Guaranteed.
Incredible coaching equipment & facilities.
Media Pack
£50 off your program fees with code 'BUCS50'

Coach your sport in the USA!

American Football
Baseball /Softball
Clay pigeon shooting /rifle
Cycling /Mountain Biking
Water Polo

100's of Camps Across the USA

We work with 100's of camps all across the USA so you could be staying anywhere. We'll work with you during the application process to find your perfect camp location.
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Camp Types

We work with 100's of camps across America to find you the perfect placement to fit your skills and personality, here are some of the different camp types we work with:

Traditional Camps

The majority of Camps we work with at AmeriCamp are Traditional. Most Traditional Camps will run overnight, where you will stay in cabins with children who stay for several days or weeks at a time! They offer a huge variety of activities from sports and watersports to art and performing arts and will most likely be nestled beside a beautiful lakeside!

Special Needs

Working at a Special Needs Camp is a unique and rewarding experience! These Camps cater to Campers with a range of additional needs and disabilities, doing many of the same activities as you would at a Traditional Camp. You don’t need any specific experience for this role, just a willingness to learn, as the majority of Special Needs Camps will provide full, comprehensive training to their staff.

All Boys / Girls

Single Gender Camps, which exclusively accommodate either all girls or all boys, can fit within any of the other Camp categories, offering a specialised and tailored experience for campers.

Faith Based

The majority of faith-based Camps we work with are for Campers from Christian or Jewish backgrounds. Most will provide the Traditional Camp experience with an emphasis on religious principles or traditions, while others will involve more faith based learning and worship. You do not necessarily need to be religious to work at a faith Camp, but a respect and understanding for other people’s beliefs is essential.

What's an average day at camp look like?

Camp is a wild ride! Whilst no two days are the same, here's a sneak peek into what a typical day might hold for you.
8:00 AM
Wake Up!
The early bird catches the worm - it’s time to get your Campers to flag raising to start another magical day on Camp!
8:30 AM
Breakfast Time!
Pancakes, waffles, endless bowls of cereal - whatever takes your fancy!
9:00 AM
Clean Up!
It’s time to help your campers make the cabin spick and span!
10:00 AM - 12:00PM
Activity Time!
Time for some Camp activities - are you going to be shooting targets at the Archery range, becoming the new Van Gogh at Arts & Crafts or scoring goals on the Soccer pitch?
12:00 PM
Lunch Time!
Time to refuel (and sing some of your favourite Camp songs!)
1:00 PM
Rest Hour!
Time to take a breather - you can chill in the cabin with your campers and catch up with them about the amazing day they are having!
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
More Activities!
Continue the fun-packed day with even more activities! Maybe you’ll be heading down to the lake or pool to take a dip!
6:00 PM
Dinner Time!
Is it Taco Tuesday or Pizza Night?
7:00 PM
Evening Activity!
The fun never stops - now it’s time for evening programming! This could be anything from a Talent Show to a Scavenger Hunt to a Campfire by sunset!
9:00 PM
Lights Out!
It’s bedtime for your campers - but not before they’ve roped you into telling a late night scary Camp story!
10:00 PM
Night Off!
If it’s your night off, it’s time to go chill with your fellow counsellors - maybe you’ll spend the evening planning for your epic post-camp roadtrip! 
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You'll get to spend around 9-12 weeks working in the USA!

The average placement normally lasts from mid-June to mid-August.

If you are available from early June until late August, then even better! The more flexible you are with your dates, the more camps there are to view your application. The latest start date that we can accept is June 18th so please be mindful of this when signing up!

Application Process & Pricing

Register Your Interest
It’s free to get started with AmeriCamp! All you need to do to Register your interest is click APPLY NOW and let us know why you want to go to Camp!A member of our team will reach out to answer any questions you may have about the program before you Secure Your Spot!
or £349 paid in full
Secure Your Spot
You only need to pay a £49 deposit to secure your spot with AmeriCamp! Once this is paid you will be given access to the AmeriCamp application portal where you can get your journey to Camp started!

This deposit is refundable prior to your interview and up to 2 weeks after you have paid - so what do you have to lose?
Stage 1
In the first stage of your application you tell us about your skills, experience and motivations for going to camp!

This application will be reviewed by the AmeriCamp team, who will reach out to help you make your application the best it can be!
Once Stage 1 is complete you can book your virtual AmeriCamp Interview with one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors!

This will be an opportunity for us to get to know you better so we can tell our Camps how great you are!
Go Live to Camp!
Your second fee installment will allow you to go live to Camps on our placement system!

This is a platform where we will match you up with Camps we think would be perfect for you - based on your skills and preferences!

Your program fees include: processing of your application, medical insurance coverage for your entire time in the US, and your full camp experience including food, accommodation and a Summer of Non-stop Fun!
Police Background Check
You will pay an add-on fee on your portal that is sent to our DBS service so that you can apply for a Police Background Check!

We are only able to accept a DBS that has been applied for through our system and so that we can ensure it is countersigned by ourselves and to avoid falsification.

Our DBS application process is quick and easy! When completed you will be sent a physical certificate in the post in about 2 - 4 weeks. We encourage all applicants to apply for this early enough to allow for delays as we have seen the DBS process take up 10 weeks!
Health History Form
All applicants must get the AmeriCamp Health History Form completed by their registered GP for Health & Safety and Insurance purposes!

Some GP surgery's will charge a small fee for completion of this form but it can totally vary depending on their policy!
Get Visa Ready
Your final program fee will be paid once you are hired to confirm your placement and allow AmeriCamp to process your Visa documentation!

Once this is paid we will issue your DS-2019 form, which confirms your J-1 Visa sponsorship and makes you eligible to apply for a Visa.
$185 (£146)
Visa Appointment
You will pay this fee to your local US embassy in order to book a Visa interview appointment! All J-1 Visa applicants must visit the embassy in person for a short and simple interview process to confirm your Visa!

Following this appointment, the embassy will hold on to your passport to print the Visa inside and post it back to you in 5 - 10 working days!
AmeriCamp Orientation
Ahead of your departure to Camp you will come along to one of our in-person Orientations - this will be a presentation on all the essential information you need for your time in the US.

This will include details of: your Visa, your Insurance, Emergency Contacts and learning more about what to expect from Camp life!
It’s time to book your flights so you can head out to Camp! We allow all our applicants to book their own flights independently so they can find the best time, price and airline for them!

We recommend waiting until you have obtained your Visa! Your Camp will provide travel information, including which airport to fly into and the date to arrive. Try using flight comparison sites to find the best deal or book directly with your preferred airline!

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Come and meet us!

Speak to one of our friendly team in person at our next event:

14th Sep 2023

Team UCL, Leadership Conference
University College London Main Campus (WC1E 6AE)


18th Sep 2023

Manchester Freshers
Manchester Academy (M13 9PR)


22nd Sep 2023

Sheffield Sports Fair
Sheffield Student Union (S10 2TG)


4th Nov 2023

AmeriCamp Camp Fair
Manchester, The Audacious Church (M3 7BD)

17-19th Nov 2023

BUCS Short-Course Swimming Event
Sheffield, Ponds Forge (S1 2BP)

8-10th Dec 2023

BUCS Squash Individual Championships
Nottingham, David Ross Sports Centre (NG9 2RZ)

3-4th Feb 2024

BUCS Gymnastics Championships
Leicester, New College (LE3 6DN)

23-25th Feb 2024

BUCS Nationals Event
Sheffield, Ponds Forge & EIS (S1 2BP)

Sending over 2,000 Applicants to the USA each year!

Great Staff
James Doyle
Great staff, lots of support. I had an absolutely amazing day and I fully recommend them to anyone planning their next adventure to America.
AmeriCamp is such an incredible company!
Emma Cornish
AmeriCamp is such an incredible company who helped me every step of the way when applying to summer camp! I taught dance at a camp in New Hampshire and had the summer of a lifetime! Can not recommend them enough!
Summer of a lifetime!
Leo Westbrook
Such a great summer and such helpful and friendly staff, even saving me after my dog ate my visa a week before the flight! Plus with the cheapest prices and the highest wages, there really is no other choice for a guaranteed summer of a lifetime!
Very efficient and lovely staff
John Paterson
I was placed in what was apparently record time. Laura, my coordinator, was such a great help and was incredibly friendly. She found me a camp in under a week and from there it has been easy sailing. All round great, stress free experience.
Everyone has been so helpful throughout
Everyone has been so helpful throughout the whole process and keeps in contact with you about the next steps.
Brilliant and Helpful
Em Richardson
Brilliant company! Had a WhatsApp line open to Rob 10-6 Mon-Fri, really helpful. My prep had to be done in something of a rush and I couldn't have done it alone.
It's a ten out of ten for me!
Paige Gooderham
Thank you americamp for all your support and guidance throughout the process I would recommend this company to anyone!
Really Good
Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to spend a summer working at a summer camp in America!

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