Camp Thailand Reviews

If you fancy working at a camp in America and earning up to $1845 whilst having the experience of a lifetime, check out AmeriCamp!

However, AmeriCamp has many sister brands with a variety of awesome opportunities worldwide. Camp Thailand offers volunteer opportunities in Thailand teaching English and working with elephants. Below is a review of the Camp Thailand program. 

Camp Thailand Reviews

Last year I made the decision that I wanted to take the plunge and do some travelling, I’d been considering my options for ages but deep down I knew I wanted to do Camp Thailand. I’d had my eye on the program for a little while and seeing all the pictures just swayed me, I couldn’t resist the pictures of the baby elephants. I wanted to head out to Thailand over summer but I didn’t really make the decision to apply until spring, so obviously the majority of their intakes over summer had already sold out. I had my heart set on Camp C but after speaking to a member of the Camp Thailand team, I booked onto Camp D. Granted, it was the only camp with spaces left but the Camp Thailand team explained to me that each camp location is great and that no matter where I was I would have an incredible time. I wanted to go to Thailand so much that I booked on as soon as I had spoken to a member of the team. That’s enough about me booking on, I’m sure no one really cares about that part but I just wanted to make it clear that if your ideal camp isn’t available, JUST GO! You will not regret it.


I had such an incredible experience with Camp Thailand from the moment I applied to heading back to England, so I thought I’d help out and do some Camp Thailand Reviews. Camp D is the location in Bangkok, and wow I have honestly never been anywhere like Bangkok. The food, the shopping, the culture, everything was just out of this world! If you do go to Bangkok, make sure to indulge in the street food because it’s so cheap and delicious! Plus nowhere else in Thailand has street food that is anywhere near as good, although, Chiang Mai is a close second. There’s so much to see in Bangkok and with Camp Thailand, we most definitely ticked off a lot within our trip.


When we weren’t exploring, we were teaching which was an awesome experience. I’ve always loved kids so I knew I would enjoy teaching but in all honesty it was more incredible than I ever thought it could be. Visiting Thailand and getting to meet native Thai people, visit their schools and really make a difference is something you can’t put a price on. It’s what separates you from the typical tourist and that is what I craved whilst travelling.


Now onto elephants, everyone’s got to talk about elephants at some point when talking about Camp Thailand because lets be honest its definitely one of the highlights for most people. It’s lovely to visit somewhere that truly cares for elephants rather than being involved with a tourist trap. We walked alongside the elephant, fed him and then gave him a bath in a nearby lake. My main memory of that day is getting splashed by the elephants, which was hilarious, it really made me realise the elephant’s true character!


Hope you guys have enjoyed my post, as I’m sure you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed my Camp Thailand experience and I hope you do too!




Lucy x