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How the skills learned from American Summer Camp work can help you in the working world

My summer working at a camp in New York City was the best experience I have had in my 22 years of life. Thanks to Americamp, I was able to live my American dream. See the sights, eat the glorious New York street food ( often too much) and make the best friends I could imagine. Despite all of the amazing experiences I had, the most enjoyable and worthwhile time of my journey was the work I did at the camp itself.

Yes, the work.

American Summer camp work is unique. It is the special combination of working the hardest you ever have, but also enjoying every second of it. The long days flew by due to the various different circumstances and new opportunists camp provided me with. From childcare to sport to drama and even fun admin work, Camp kept me on my toes wondering what new challenge would arrive next. I did not fully appreciate until I was writing out a new CV the array of different skills American Summer camp work provided me with.

Camp teaches you skills that can be transferred outside of that environment to whatever career you wish to pursue. From having to entertain six 12-year-old boys for 10 hours in a cabin due to a thunderstorm (one of my proudest moments) to making sure everybody reaches their activities safely and on time and to leading the camp in a chant you created, here are 4 skills you can learn at camp, how they helped me and how they can help you in the working world.

Organisational skills

Ever had to plan a spontaneous activity for 35+ people or make sure 60+ reached where they needed to go all day? Neither have I ever before American Summer camp worked provided me with such an opportunity! Camp is a free-flowing environment that would fall apart without a solid structure behind it and sometimes, you will have to step up and provide that. One of my roles was to plan which kids would be attending which activities and which councillor would be going with them. Creating a plan and exciting it effectively is again a task you will be asked for it the vast majority of jobs and camp provides many different opportunists to perfect these skills.

Leadership Skills

Camp made me realise how important leadership skills can be, whilst also helping me fulfil my skills in this regard. From addressing a large group in outlying what the camp active would be, to effectively communicating what needs to be done to campers and colleagues alike, to staying calm when everyone seems to be falling apart, strong leadership will stand you well in any line of work.

People Skills

American Summer camp work is filled with people from all corners of the world in all shape and sizes. That is what makes it such a wonderful place to work! I learned so many new perspectives from people who had completely different backgrounds and experiences to my own. From learning little tricks like certain dances move or how to make traditional bracelets, the diverse culture that transcended throughout camp made the tight family we created even more unique. It helps you bond with people you would never have thought possible before.

Camp also teaches you how to work effectively with people that you may not see eye to eye with. It is apart of life that you will not be best friends with everybody you meet but it is important in all aspect of work, even more so when children are involved, that you find a way to do what needs to be done. Everybody who joins a summer camp is there to help create the best summer possible and this skill of people management will serve you well in dealing with future colleagues in any job.

A wide range of talents!

Just because the campers are learning amazing new skills from talented instructors doesn’t mean you cant too! I learned how to play smoke on the water on guitar, improved my front stroke when swimming, learned survival skills in outdoors and even learned how to floss from the kids. These skills learned from American summer camp work may not appear on the CV, you never know when it can help you out in any career you want!

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