The Program

AmeriCamp Program was founded on a dream to offer an awesome Camp program with the highest salaries and lowest program prices . For many years we have managed to continue our original mission statement for the benefit of the thousands of people that have done AmeriCamp whilst at the same time giving out lots of #FreeBiscuits.

The devotion demonstrated by representatives affiliated with the AmeriCamp Program to provide our applicants a Summer of a Lifetime crammed with fun, sun and adventure is continually reflected in our application rates, with thousands of participants applying on an annual basis and we work hard not to disappoint – we have enjoyed a placement rate of 100% over the last four years.

Lauren's AmeriCamp Experience

For six consecutive years, AmeriCamp has been independently named 'Best Summer Camp Organisation' by Save the Student.

The 'Best Summer Camp Organisation' award is the biggest accolade in the Summer Camp industry and we work ever so hard to ensure we keep winning it.

We work hard to ensure that we consistently pay the highest salaries, offer the lowest costs and have a range of diverse flights available for our candidates, whilst offering excellent customer service.

AmeriCamp works with 1000's of Camps all across the US!

AmeriCamp works with 1000's of Camps all across the US!

We guarantee that wherever you may be #plACed, your Camp will be just as special as any other! Ultimately Camp is Camp: the place you’ll make lifelong friends, the place you’ll long for once you’re back home and most importantly where you’ll be having your Summer of a lifetime along with your fellow Campers!

Earn an amazing salary of up to $1850!

Earn an amazing salary of up to $1850!

As well as having an unforgettable Summer in America, you will also earn an amazing salary as an AmeriCamper. You will receive a guaranteed $1500, with the salary increasing depending on age and experience.

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