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5 qualities you need to be the best camp counsellor possible!

Before I embarked on my summer adventure at camp with AmeriCamp, I heard the quote β€œSummer camp is the toughest job you will ever love” I never know how true that was until I experienced it.

For every tough moment, there are 10 more that will stay with you forever.

Developing into a fantastic camp counsellor takes time and effort but it is worth it for every amazing moment. While they are not certain ways to be the best counsellor, here are 5 qualities that every camp counsellor should develop to be the best possible.

1. Organisation

Camp can be a hectic place with a lot of different activities happening with different sets of campers in different location. Knowing where you need to be and when you need to be there is vital, even more so when you have some campers to take with you.

It is also important to make sure you have everything you need for the day ready from the start. You also have to be organised for your campers as they will often forgot something they need for the day ahead, so make sure that they have everything! Those poncho’s can be become needed at anytime!

2. Patience

The campers are amazing but they can also be challenging, Problems & situations will arise that you did not even think would occur. From campers refusing to take part, to not liking the sandwich filling for lunch as well as the lengthy discussions breaking out over UNO rules, camp requires you to stay calm in order to make sure everybody is happy.

There will be times where you will be pushed to your limit in terms of staying calm but just remember all situations can be fixed and you have a support network to help you within your fellow staff. Just take a deep breath, remember that they are only children, and talk through to a solution that leaves everybody smiling.

3. Sense of fun

Camp is the time to be silly. The campers are there to have fun and so should you! Don’t be afraid to push yourself outside your comfort zone in the same way you will encourage your campers to do too.

I would never have known how good my nails look painted or how smoothly I can dance if it wasn’t for myself embracing the wacky fun the camp provided.

Trust me, there is nothing quite like getting the campers to dress you up a runway model using only trash ( I looked fab). Your silly pictures may even make the AmeriCamp social media pages!

4. A loud voice

GET USED TO USING YOUR OUTSIDE VOICE! Camp is a great place to develop your voice effectively. Camp chants, shouting instructions to everybody or to make yourself heard over the chatter of campers are all situations camp lets you use that voice.

I didn’t want to raise my voice when I first started camp, but it didn’t take long for people wishing I would quiet down. Just one more chant guys!

5. A good memory

Not only is this great for remembering all the information the campers want to tell you about themselves, what you have to do that day plus the lyrics to every chant there is ( They will stay with me forever).

You will also need a good memory to remember everything you have done at camp and all the tales you have to tell your friends and family back home. A scrap book is a great idea to maintaining those memories but also make sure you let others know how much you appreciated them and be thankful of all the memories they have helped you create.

The little notes I received from my fellow staff members will help me remember the amazing times of working at a summer camp.

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