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#38 Days Until Camp: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Today we are visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota!

Why not have an evening campfire learning about the parks intense history, astronomy and more! The Fort Buford State Historic site is a military post where the infamous Sitting Bull surrendered in 1881, with the rich history this National Park is beautiful and educational! Visit the residence of Theodore Roosevelt, The Maltese cross Cabin, before he became president, where he used to hunt. He even claimed he wouldn’t have become President had he not spent a lot of time in North Dakota.

Sleep under the stars at the national park and you can even choose your own campsite! If you apply for a ‘backcountry permit’ at the visitor centre you can camp anywhere within a 1/4 mile of a road! Or ride a horse around the trails and traipse through forests looking at all the amazing wildlife there is to see! These experience is open year round however to make the most of the amenities in the summer!

This really is a once in a lifetime experience and one of the ways to get over there is to apply for AmeriCamp! Head to our website at www.AmeriCamp.co.uk/apply and get started now, you haven’t got long left before applications are closed for good and you’ll miss out!!

Top: Badlands
Bottom Left: Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Bottom Right: Bison crossing

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