Danielle Churchill

— Pequot Sherwood Day Camp

“I’m writing my AmeriCamp review to let any applicant know that AmeriCamp is a fantastic experience to change how you see the world!

We can sometimes get used to materialism in society, but Camp makes you appreciate the more important things, such as friendship, learning, having fun and looking after nature.

I chose AmeriCamp and I would have no hesitations in encouraging others to do so; they give you a simple and cheap way to achieve the Camp dream and make sure you’re paid fairly for your hard work! After speaking with friends who used alternative Camp companies, they all wished they had used AmeriCamp! Hope you all take on board the AmeriCamp Reviews and go for it!”

Hannah Marshall

— Summit Camp

“Last Summer, I had such an incredible time; thank you AmeriCamp for supporting me the whole way, being super-organised and responding quickly to any questions I had.

Speaking to others at Camp, AmeriCamp is by far the best-paid way to go, too. I spent my Summer at Summit Camp, Pennsylvania; it’s an incredible place full of lovely staff and incredible kids with a variety of mental and social difficulties.

It had a huge impact on me and I will be returning 2017 with AmeriCamp again; I thoroughly recommend the AmeriCamp experience! P.S. Washington DC and Niagara Falls (east coast) and Newport Beach, La Jolla Beach, California (west coast) all hugely recommended!”

Lizzie Haddington

— Camp Beber

“I LOVE this company! I was lucky to find them and I’m extremely lucky to be working for them!

Whenever I have needed help, advice or just general guidance they have always been a phone call away.

AmeriCamp is not just a company, it’s a family and I am blessed to have such inspirational people as role models. Roll on Summer 2017 for Summer number 5!”


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