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Summer Camp America Review

Hi! Here’s my Summer Camp America Review – enjoy!

During this Summer, I travelled to America and experienced what I can only describe as an American Dream! – I decided to apply for AmeriCamp as I had always wanted to visit America since being young; it was a truly memorable experience and I couldn’t recommend the program enough! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at AmeriCamp – it was awesome. Everyday I was socialising, coaching my specialist sports and developing a range of brand-new skills.

As well as the opportunity to visit America, the chance to earn up to $1850 was a huge incentive for me; I’d recently finished university and this was the perfect opportunity to head to a new country in search of something different – what I found didn’t disappoint me in the slightest.

After finishing Camp, I planned a post-Camp trip with some of my new friends! During my trip I visited some truly incredible cities, including Las Vegas, New York and Chicago. I was truly in awe of the landmarks that I’d grown up wishing to see; the Statue of Liberty was a personal favourite!

Camp truly is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with children. I’ve been considering applying for teacher training, so it gave me the perfect experience I needed before sending off my applications to teacher training courses. I’m sure that this experience at Camp will give me a slight edge as some other people I have spoken with have never worked with children before; even though it was a completely different teaching environment, you learn a variety of relevant skills. For example, my classroom management methods improved and I learned how to maintain the attention of the children during a session, whilst teaching different abilities.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Thanks xx

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