Special Needs Jobs

Isn’t every child special? Here at AmeriCamp we think so, but what do we mean when we say “kids that have special needs or asking if you would be interested in a special needs camp”? What this means is that a camper might need extra help because of a medical, emotional, physical or learning problem. These campers have special needs because they might also require medicine, therapy, or extra help in general that other campers don’t typically need or only need once in a while. There are camps in America that are specifically designed for campers who have these requirements and AmeriCamp is so proud to work with them as it is truly the most rewarding job we offer.

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With that said there is a lot more to special needs jobs that you may not be aware of. For example maybe you know of kids at your school, college or University who need a wheelchair or use braces when they walk. Those particular kids also have special needs. They not only need the equipment that helps them get around, but these campers might need to have ramps or elevators available to them. They also might need to get a special bus or a van/car to school, one that lifts them up so they don’t have to get up the steps.

AmeriCamp offer special needs jobs at camp in America

Kids and adults who have an illness, such as diabetes, epilepsy or cerebral palsy, would also have special needs, too and it could be that you work with individuals who have one of these issues. They might require medicine or other help as they go about their daily activities and one of your responsibilities would be to help them get through their daily activities in the most easy way possible. For example Kids or adults with sight problems might need Braille books to read. Those with hearing or speech problems would also have special needs, too. A kid who has hearing trouble might need hearing aids to hear and speech therapy, too, since it can be hard to say words correctly when you can’t hear very well.

Kids and adults with learning problems often have special needs. Those with Down syndrome might go to a regular school and might even be in your class or have special sessions put on for them as adults. But they have special needs when it comes to learning, so someone might come with them to class or a session at camp.

You might be able to recognise a few kids or adults with special needs, but you probably don’t notice all of them. Someone could have a problem that isn’t noticeable unless you know the person well. For instance, someone could have trouble with anxiety, but you wouldn’t know it unless they told you about it. Privately, their parents, teachers, and counselors may be working to help them with this problem.

If you do end up getting one of our special needs jobs at AmeriCamp you might experience a whole host of different special needs individuals who will all be so thankful for your help that it will truly be the most life changing experience of your life.

Did you know? There is an estimated 70,000 disabled children in the UK who could benefit from appropriate mobility equipment.