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AmeriCamp Sponsor Tranmere Against Manchester United In FA Cup

It’s not every day you can say that 100 million people around the world have been staring at your company logo for almost two hours but, in a historic moment for the brand, AmeriCamp experienced such an event this past Sunday, after Tranmere Rovers were drawn against Manchester United in the FA Cup Fourth Round.

When Rovers took to the pitch at Prenton Park for their clash against United, they did so with their shirt sleeves emblazoned with the AmeriCamp logo.

Now, as if this wasn’t enough of a ‘pinch me’ moment, add in the fact that the game was being broadcast by BT Sport around the globe and receiving extensive coverage on social media and suddenly, what would ordinarily be regarded as a plucky underdog from the lower leagues challenging a billionaire owned behemoth became a genuine international event.

AmeriCamp makes it’s FA Cup debut on the sleeve of Rovers’ home kit against Manchester United. Credit: Tranmere Rovers FC

Following on from Rovers’ dramatic 2-1 extra-time, third round victory over Premier League Watford on Thursday night, plans were set in motion to add the AC logo to the team’s shirt sleeves and social media posts for the weekend, ensuring ultimate visibility for the biggest game of Tranmere’s season. Suddenly, the AmeriCamp brand was everywhere, with posts being shared across Facebook, instagram and Twitter from Friday onwards.

AmeriCamp founder Lee McAteer was the man behind making the deal happen, being a lifelong Rovers fan and associate director at the club. McAteer described it as a ‘bucket list’ moment.

“First and foremost, as a fan of Tranmere Rovers Football Club, to have a brand that you’ve created be on the shirts of the team that you love against a team of such class and pedigree as Manchester United is a bucket list dream come true.

“When you think that two years ago we were playing Maidenhead United it shows how far the club has come. As a fan I can’t thank Mark and Nicola Palios enough for all their hard work and dedication to bringing the club back to where it belongs.

“To see the AmeriCamp brand being seen around the world is something that we can’t take lightly and shows how far the brand has come in 10 years. From an AmeriCamp perspective we look forward to continuing our support of Tranmere as the season progresses and we thank Tranmere for their support in getting the AC brand seen around the world.”

McAteer also remembered a friendly between the two sides in December 1982, which provided crucial funds for Rovers during a period of serious financial insecurity, in an interview with the Manchester Evening News.

“It was a friendly with Manchester United when the finances were in a poor state which helped Tranmere massively. In that regard we’ve got some things to be thankful for to Manchester United.

“As a Tranmere fan it’s definitely something to be thankful for. I’ll certainly be saying something to anyone from Manchester United about that on Sunday.”

We reckon these lads could become top class AmeriCampers in a few years’ time.

While the result on the field may not have QUITE gone Rovers’ way (all six United goals should have been disallowed, tbh), off the pitch, the tie was a roaring success, with Prenton Park selling out over 13,000 tickets almost immediately.

We still can’t believe this actually happened. The AC logo plastered across television screens around the world. Credit: Tranmere Rovers FC

Everyone at AmeriCamp was immensely proud and humbled on Sunday, regardless of the result. After 10 years of making memories, we never believed one of this magnitude would ever happen and we would like to thank everyone involved with both our brand and Tranmere Rovers for helping to make this dream a reality.

Thank you.

The AmeriCamp team x

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