Costs & Salaries


18-20 years


21 or over



Why AmeriCamp

  • Placement at one of the best camps in America.
  • All meals covered whilst you work at camp.
  • Free accommodation for the duration of your camp placement.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for the full duration of your camp contract.
  • 24-hour helpline in the USA if you have any problems.
  • Guidance and sponsorship for your J-1 visa and cultural exchange permits, which allows you to work in the US and earn a salary.


  • Flight flexibility and Discounted Flights.
  • The opportunity to travel once you have completed your placement you have the option to travel for 30 days before you return home!
  • Full support throughout the application process.
  • Access to our exclusive New York After Party!

And so much more including…

  • More money earned overall with us than any other organisation.
  • Work opportunities following completion of Summer camp placement in your domestic country.
  • Personal help with your application at our AmeriCamp HQ in Manchester if you require it.
  • Brilliant and personal customer service.
  • Fun orientations – we will make sure you are fully prepared for camp and will introduce you to people going to the same camp as you!
  • Flexible local interview.
  • #FreeBiscuits!
  • Discounted hoodies and t-shirts.
  • Discounts with companies affiliated with AmeriCamp such as Camp Thailand, AusJob, Camp Cambodia, Camp South Africa, and Invasion.
  • Great addition to your CV.
  • Invitations to AmeriCamp reunions and events.
  • Friendships that will last forever, all around the world!
  • Fantastic work experience.
  • Memories that will last a lifetime!
  • A great tan.
  • Free T-Shirt.

Costs and salaries for the AmeriCamp program were set up to facilitate post-camp travel around America for participants of the program

The AmeriCamp program pays applicants up to $1850, dependent on the age of the applicant and which camp they are placed at; with an abundance of locations waiting to be explored in America, the AmeriCamp program opens the door for travellers to explore the far and wide during their Summer adventure.

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