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Only in America: The College Football Experience

An essential post-AmeriCamp travel experience

Set the scene; it’s the first week of September and the start of a new college football season is on the horizon. Thousands of locals have filled the streets in anticipation of its return. It’s 27 degrees, the trunk of your truck is filled with ice cold beverages, and you’re surrounded by your new AmeriCamp friends. Life is good.

College football is more than just 60 minutes of intense action, it’s a unique experience that is far different to anything the UK and Europe have to offer. So, here’s 4 reasons why you definitely should not pass up on the opportunity to go to a college football game after AmeriCamp this summer.


Every great college gameday starts with a tailgating session. This is a huge tradition in the US which dates back to the start of the college football days and is now a fact of life in world of American sports.

To put it simply, tailgating involves cramming as much food and cold beverages into the trunk of your car and heading out early to the stadium car park to eat, drink and play games, often for several hours before a game begins.

The hours (which feel like minutes) are spent in high spirits, surrounded by other passionate fans.

Tailgating is a truly unique experience and is something that many British and European fans would struggle to replicate (or even comprehend) in a sports setting – which is why you NEED to try this during your time in the USA.

Mega stadiums

It comes as a surprise to most but college football teams boast some of the largest sports stadiums in the world. The Michigan stadium, home of the Michigan Wolverines, is the second largest sport stadium in the world with a whopping capacity of 113,065.

Aptly named ‘The Big House’, this stadium stands for what is great about this American sport. This stadium is the pinnacle of mega stadiums in the USA, but many other college stadiums around the country still endeavour a stadium experience that is best described as mind-blowing.

These stadiums are unlike any other in the world and are often a social hub in these college towns – drawing in huge crowds’ week in, week out. So, whether you’re an avid sports fan or not, these stadiums are something to be truly admired.

A unique atmosphere

It goes without saying, stadiums of this size are bound to create a great atmosphere. However, the atmosphere at these games is indescribable; almost tangible. 100,000 people chanting “USA, USA, USA” simultaneously whilst a marching band parades around the pitch is an experience that cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

With an atmosphere as insane as the one created within these mega stadiums; it is hard to draw comparisons with any other fan experience anywhere else in the world. It’s a one of a kind reality and is definitely one for your bucket list.

A full day out for just $60?

Although prices of tickets for these games can sometimes soar above the $200 mark, finding a ticket for between $40 and $80 isn’t too difficult. Just make sure you’re set for the day with a bottle of water, a sandwich and a cap (definitely take a cap!!) and the day shouldn’t cost you a cent more than the price of your ticket.

There’s also no harm in having a walk around before the game and chatting to some local ‘tailgaters’. Americans at these games are usually super friendly and often will offer you a cold beverage or two if you tell them a bit about your travels!

So, if you’re planning to travel for a few weeks after AmeriCamp, in my ever-humble opinion, a College Football game should definitely be right at the top of your list. Just make sure you keep an extra $60 spare in your back pocket for this ultimate American experience and, trust me, you won’t regret it.

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