What You’ll Need At The Airport

So, it’s nearly time for you to head to AmeriCamp! You’re all packed and super pumped to see what this Summer will bring you, but are you sure you have everything?

Here’s a quick check list of things that you will definitely need to get you to American that may have slipped your mind! When heading to the airport, you must make sure you have everything on this list so that you don’t get left behind. If you need any help locating these items or have any questions, do not hesitate to give us ring or drop us an email! We’re always happy you help you out!

  1. Passport with Visa inside
  2. DS2019 Form
  3. Sevis Receipt
  4. Contact details for your Camp (Names/numbers/etc)
  5. HCC Insurance Card
  6. Copy of International Flight Itinerary
  7. Onward travel instructions to your Camp

Here is the Emergency Phone Number should you need it: + 1-800-999-2267
Make a note of it!

Here’s a handy infograph with everything on that you can screenshot and keep!

Safe travels, AmeriCampers!