Surfing in the USA

Wax your board and slip into your wetsuit because it’s time to go surfing!

We’ve all seen the movies where people glide effortlessly across giant waves, making it look as easy as walking! Who hasn’t wanted to be that person on the beach who oozes cool while their arm drapes over their board? Surfing might not be the easiest sport but it is definitely popular in the states! With hundreds of beaches and some of the world’s best surf spots, it isn’t hard to see why! If you fancy taking to the waves this Summer, here’s exactly where you should be heading!

New Hampshire
New Hampshire on the East coast may not be the first place to come to mind when you think of surfing in America, but this place has a steadily growing surfing community! This up and coming surfing destination boasts some great beaches without the crowds of the more popular states! Want to catch some waves in New Hampshire? Head over to North Beach and experience The Wall, s spot with ever growing popularity! Still a bit wobbly? Take some lessons on Jenness Beach and you’ll be on board in no time!

You can’t talk about the USA surf scene without mentioning California. The sport really took off in Cali after it hit its shores after travelling up from Hawaii over 100 years ago! With its unique proximity to the history of surfing, California really is a place not to be missed by wave hunters. There al so, so many incredible beaches for hanging ten, it’s hard to name just a few, but here goes! Head to Huntington Beach and catch the annual World Surfing Championships! So Californian it hurts, Huntington Beach is the perfect place to watch and learn from the pros! Catch some killer waves in Malibu, Los Angeles before chilling on the beach!

The birthplace of surfing, Hawaii is where it is at! Not only do these islands host some of the world’s best surf locations but also some of the most beautiful too! If you want to surf in America then it would be criminal to not visit Hawaii! Honolua Bay has beautiful turquoise waters making it super popular but definitely worth the trip! Such a beautiful place needs to be seen, and surfed, to be believed! In Peahi you will find Jaws, not a shark but a particularly radical surf break! Here you can climb to a high vantage point and get an incredible view of the pros riding some huge waves!

Want to catch a break in the Sunshine State? Travel down the Florida shoreline and you’ll find some excellent spots for surfing! If you want to learn or brush up those skills head to Jacksonville Beach or Ormond Beach and get yourself a lesson or two with the professionals. Cocoa Beach Pier is a great spot to catch a wave or two in Florida, it didn’t earn its “East Coast Surfing Capital” nick name for nothing!


Frankie Cooksey.