Summer Camp Movies.

What better way to get yourself all excited for your upcoming AmeriCamp journey then having a movie marathon? Now, grab that popcorn and settle in because we’re going to the movies!

Camp Rock
Okay so yes, it’s extremely cheesy and yes, it’s very over the top, but it’s a camp classic! Who can resist the Jonas Brothers and bit of a sing song. If you’re not belting out This Is Me at the top of your lungs by the end and cheering Demi Lovato on, then you’re doing it all wrong!

Parent Trap
This is one of those rare accuracies when the remake is actually better than the original! We all dream about meeting our new best friends at camp but imagine meeting your long-lost twin! That’s exactly what happens to Hallie and Annie when they go to Summer Camp! If that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re treated to not one but two 11-year-old Lindsay Lohan’s!

Addams Family Values
The sequel to The Addams Family, this film sees the children of this kooky family packed up and shipped off to Summer Camp. Not exactly the Addams children’s dream destination, Camp Chippewa has a hard time adjusting to the spooky siblings. After fooling the rest of their camp mates into believing that they have finally begun to fit in, Wednesday and Pugsley run riot and terrorise the camp! Maybe don’t do that when you do to camp…


Moonrise Kingdom
From the creative mind of Wes Anderson, this aesthetically pleasing piece of cinema tells the tale of Suzy and Sam, 12-year-old pen pals from New Penzance, who are planning to run away together. After a series of rescue attempts, the young lovers are captured and returned home. This is such a pretty film full of adorable costumes and an abundance of comical moments. Moonrise Kingdom is definitely one to watch!


Frankie Cooksey.