It’s Not All Casinos and Clubs: Alternative Things to Do in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas often pops up as one of the places that everyone should visit while in America, but not everyone thinks it’s for them. If you think that the casinos and extravagant stage shows aren’t really your scene, here’s a few suggestions of other ways to spend your time in the City of Lights.

Hershey’s Chocolate World.
Get lost in the land of chocolate dreams when you enter Hershey’s Chocolate World. This store has everything you’d expect from an American sweetie store; shelfs packs with over 800 different variations of Hershey’s brand goodies, a sculpture of the Statue of Liberty made entirely of chocolate and a whole section dedicated to everyone’s favourite peanut butter candy, Reece’s! If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you’d be crazy not to visit!

Stratosphere Observation Deck.
This place is so much more than just a hotel and casino, Stratosphere has a huge observation deck that stands a leg wobbling 1,149 ft. above the ground! Here you can get a pretty impressive view of the whole city, particularly remarkable after the sun sets and city below is reignited by the bright lights of the many buildings.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat.
Fancy getting back to nature while still in the heart of a bustling metropolis? Head down to the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat and submerge yourself in its exotic surroundings. Watch the flamingos as they cavort around the lush grounds of the Flamingo Hotel. You’ll also get to see a myriad of other exotic creatures such as parrots, koi fish, turtles, swans and hummingbirds amongst others! This attraction boasts beautiful waterfalls and flourishing grasslands, there’s so much to see!

The Neon Museum.
Neon signage is a staple of the Las Vegas strip and celebrating that is what The Neon Museum is all about. The museum is home to the Neon Boneyard, an outdoor exhibition packed full of colourful, extravagant signs that tell the story and history of this world-famous city. This place is a great stop if you’re looking for interesting photo opportunities.

18b The Las Vegas Arts District.
The Las Vegas Arts District, otherwise known as 18b, is an area of the city comprising of multiple blocks specifically put aside for artists to use as their canvas. Vibrant street art adorns the walls of the neighborhood that houses an eclectic mixture of businesses such as vintage stores, galleries, bars, theaters, tattoo parlours and more. If you’re thinking of heading down to this kooky area of town, try to make it on the first Friday of the month because this is when the neighborhood holds its monthly festival! Full of food trucks, performances, art and live music, this is an event not to be missed!


Frankie Cooksey.