AmeriCamp’s more than just a summer job…

It’s all well and good having us promote AmeriCamp as being the key factor to giving you an unforgettable summer. By now, hopefully, you’ve given it some thought, and you are well on your way to signing up for the trip of a lifetime. But we’re sure you’re asking yourselves, happens when summers over? How can AmeriCamp help you in the long run? What else does it have to offer other than a summer full of lifelong memories?

AmeriCamp 2014


How can it help me in the long run?

This one is a no brainer. Taking part in the AmeriCamp experience demonstrates that you are able to work alone and as part of a team in a new environment you are not familiar with. It also shows your future employers that you have the initiative to take charge of a group of people who look to you for guidance and even support when they’re not feeling so fresh.

What more does it have to offer besides a fun summer full of memories?

Believe it or not, taking part in a programme such as AmeriCamp can actually shape you as a person, whether you realise it or not. Being in charge of such a large group of people, even if you and your campers are simply having fun, is moulding you into a person who takes responsibility for the well-being of those around you, as well as teaching you to use your time effectively and productively. Remember, being at these camps not only offers you the summer of a lifetime, but also allows you to bring a piece of that summer to everyone with you.

AmeriCamp 2014

It is acquisitions such as these that employers will be looking for when you are applying for full time work. It might seem a bit bizarre that your “Summer of Fun” actually offers you these skills that can be used in the work place. But believe us when we say this opportunity offers you so much more than a fun-filled, money earning holiday summer camp job!

 So what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW!