Film and TV locations in the USA.

America is the land of Hollywood, blockbusters and superstars, so it’s hardly surprising that the country is laced with many iconic locations that have appeared in film and television. Pay a visit to some of these locations and live out your silver screen dreams.

The Seven Year Itch – Subway Grate
If you head down to 586 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, New York then you’ll find the world’s most visited Subway grate. This seemingly unexciting spot was actually the scene of much excitement on a September night in 1954 when Marilyn Monroe arrived to film the famous billowing skirt scene of The Seven Year Itch.

American Horror Story – Murder House
With American Horror Story switching up its main setting with each new season, it was difficult to choose just one place from this show, but I decided to take it back to the beginning and go with that beautiful mansion from season one. The red brick mansion dubbed Murder House, can be found in the suburbs of Los Angeles and is actually currently for sale. I’m not sure I could live there though, I’ve seen what lives in the basement…

The Dark Knight Rises – Gotham City Hall.
In the third instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Tom Hardy’s Bane is seen atop a tank in front of Gotham’s City Hall. He incites chaos and anarchy across the city by freeing the prisoners of Blackgate Penitentiary. His famous speech about oppression and corruption was filmed at The Mellon Institution building which is part of the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Twin Peaks – RR Diner.
Twin Peaks is a cult television classic from the 1990s and has a very dedicated fan base. Despite only the external areas of the diner being used in the shows, this little diner in North Bend, Washington is often frequented by devoted viewers seeking out a slice of its famous cherry pie and cup of that damn fine coffee! With the show returning to screens early this year for the first time in 25 years, I think this café will be very popular this Summer!

The Hangover – Caesar’s Palace.
This farcical film that sees a gang of unlikely comrades wreaking havoc in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas. Their first stop is the universally famous hotel, Caesar’s Palace. Waking up in this is hotel is a pretty different experience for the group as they discover a live tiger and a baby in the hotel room! If you decide to visit Las Vegas, maybe don’t go as hard as this lot…

Gossip Girl – The MET Steps.
Make like Blaire and her minions and head to the MET steps to bask in the Manhattan sunshine while you cast judgements on all of the poor people who sit below you. Okay, so maybe don’t do that but if you’re a fan of the American teen drama, then this is a spot to pay a visit to! Of course, this isn’t the only place you can visit, there are so many venues, locations and landmarks in New York City that played as backdrops to Gossip Girl. Don’t forget one of Blaire’s favourite spots, the pond where she feeds the ducks. There’s also The Museum of the History of New York also known at Constance Billard School for Girls where Blaire and Serena honed their popularity.


Frankie Cooksey