AmeriCamp VIP: What’s In It For Me?

Wondering about the AmeriCamp 2018 VIP Package? Then you’re reading the right blogpost! Jessica became an AmeriCamp VIP last year. She is now spending her summer in Delaware, New York in the Frenchwoods Performing Arts Camp. Read all about her experience below!

My AmeriCamp VIP Experience

Last summer, I saw a few of my friends going off to different camps around the world. One was in Thailand, another was in Canada and I had five friends in different places around the US! All their pictures, videos and posts only made me more and more jealous. I had wanted to work in an American summer camp since I was about 15 years old. It just never happened for me though, as I always forgot to submit my application until it was too late. The same had happened again, and I was regretting it then more than ever!

I then found out about the AmeriCamp VIP package, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! For £40, which is actually cheaper than the normal first payment for most other US summer camps, I got to start my application earlier than everyone else! I even got one-on-one help from the lovely AmeriCamp staff so I knew exactly what to do and say. When it was all done and dusted, my application was then fast tracked. That meant that I was one of the first potential Camp Counsellors that a lot of the really prestigious camps got to look at, which definitely gave me a big advantage.

After Application

I was actually contacted by a few different camps prior to the fair. They asked to speak to me personally at the Camp Fair in Manchester. Because I was an AmeriCamp VIP, I got to go into the Camp Fair an hour earlier than everyone else. This meant I could be first in line! I got to speak to a Camp Director from Frenchwoods, which is an amazing performing arts camp in Delaware, New York. This was my #1 choice for camp, and I was absolutely thrilled when they said I had secured a place on the spot!  On top of this, I got a package full of AmeriCamp goodies, and the T-Shirt is now one of my favourite things in the world, I never have it off!   

All of this meant that my application process to AmeriCamp was an absolute breeze. I was all sorted so early on, so I couldn’t forget again like the previous years! I’ve already had the best couple of weeks at Frenchwoods, and the VIP process definitely helped me to get placed at such a sought-after camp. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who really wants to go to camp next year, you won’t regret it!


– Jessica, Frenchwoods Performing Arts Camp (2017)


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