Heading out to AmeriCamp? Of course you are! 

Well, then you need to check out these 5 products you should purchase RIGHT NOW to ensure you have them in time for Camp! Keep them stowed away in your suitcase ready for that fun day when you begin packing to head off to the States. 

1.Universal Plug Adaptor



How will you charge your phone to take photos of your time at AmeriCamp without one? We recommend investing in this sturdy beast. It has solid reviews, is universal so it can be used anywhere! 


2. Portable Speakers



Something everyone seems to regret not bringing along! Everyone turns up with headphones, no one has speakers! These are ideal for when chilling out after a long days work and listening to your favourite songs. The best way to make memories at camp is by assigning them your own anthem! 


3. Laundry Bag



You weren’t expecting that, right!? 

But what are you going to do with all your dirty washing? Do you think it will magic itself clean? Or do you think your dirty underwear will naturally Spartacus itself apart from the clean underwear? – No chance! Get an easy-to-pack away laundry bag like this one so you’re always smelling fresh and wearing clean clothes whilst at AmeriCamp!


4. Head Torch



We’re 100% serious about this! It’s not geeky whatsoever! Imagine… without a head torch… you’re walking back from an evening around the camp fire, it’s pitch black and you have to navigate through a densely wooded forest… BUMP! You’ve gone head first into the low-hanging branches, the following morning you have a black-eye. Now who looks silly… ey? Not the ones with the cool head torches! 😉 

(Suggestion may or may not be from experience…)


5. Travel Guide of the USA



It had to be, didn’t it? What better than to fuel your desire to travel and remind you of all the reasons you came to America in the first place. It’s always useful to have on hand and keep by your side. We love this version by the Lonely Planet and highly recommend it! 



If you have any other suggestions about what to take to AmeriCamp – Let us know 🙂