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American Summer Camps

American Summer Camps continue to swat heavyweight dates on the calendar, with kids counting down to their date with tradition.

Since Camp life began in 1861, the popularity of American Summer Camps has flourished significantly with many youngsters embracing Camp traditions.

By 1918, Camps in the USA had increased by 10,000 across America following the opening of Gunnery Camp in 1891. Since the opening of Gunnery, the first of its kind, kids continue to swarm in search of a sun drenched summer of fun.

In an age whereby technology is King, Camp dethrones the smartphone, reinstating traditional modes of entertainment amongst Campers. During their break from technology, Campers have the opportunity to embrace their inner creativity, while interacting with a more authentic world. Moreover, with a range of sports and activities available, Camps cater to the needs of a wide range of applicants.

Why Is Camp Beneficial?

While Camps present Campers with the opportunity to enhance physical skills via participation in a range of activities, Camp also enables applicants to develop social skills and make new friends from a variety of social backgrounds.

Moreover, exercise amongst young people in contemporary society has took a nosedive in recent years. Camp comprises consistent action, whether attendees are jumping, climbing, running or walking! Whilst participating in these activities, Campers will often experience personal successes, sometimes for the first time; this is a terrific opportunity for young people to build confidence and self-esteem in a relatively non-competitive environment.

Though there are day Camps available for Campers, children attending overnight establishments will be without their parents; workers at Camp effectively take on the role of ‘parent’ for the duration of the Camp programme. Camp is the perfect place for kids attending Camp to make decisions for themselves and become more independent.

Young people within contemporary society are often criticised for their reluctance to go outside, often preferring to play video games or watch television! Camp is a fantastic opportunity for applicants to reconnect with nature, in turn overcoming their bout of ‘nature deficit disorder!’ Being outside is often acknowledged as being an essential contributor in child development.

Upon the arrival of Summer 2018, an assortment of Camp types will be packed with enthusiastic youngsters – long may the trend continue!

How Can You Experience Camp?

Every year, Camps recruit for an assortment of positions in a bid to deliver a Summer of a Lifetime to their Campers!

Applications for our 2018 intake can be made here, while information can be found in the FAQ section of our website!

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