Visa Application

In order to work in America during the Summer it is a requirement for participants to have a J-1 visa. AmeriCamp will provide the necessary DS-2019 form (Certificate of Eligibility) which is required to apply for a J-1 visa for placed applicants.

Additional forms are supplied via the website of the US Embassy of London and AmeriCamp provides all applicants with detailed instructions on your online account, which offers a step-by-step help guide throughout the entire visa application.

We are also available on 0161 312 3640 and also email at [email protected] if any further assistance is needed. You will be required to attend a personal interview at their local US Embassy (in the UK, this will be at either the US Embassy in London or the Consulate General’s Office in Belfast) and it should be noted that this could take a couple of hours to attend and any costs of travel to and from the Embassy is your responsibility.

The cost of the J1 visa is $160 payable directly to the US embassy, AmeriCamp will charge you a £34 handling fee to cover the cost of shipping your DS2019 from the US office.

Documentation Required For Your Embassy Appointment;


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