Daily Life

Rachel’s Experience – Day in the Life at AmeriCamp

7.30am – Wake up and check in with my co-counsellors about the activities from the previous evening and make sure everything is A-OK with our awesome Campers…

Day In The Life of a Specialist

Hi! I’m Melissa, and I’ve just returned from the best Summer of my life, at Eden Village Camp in New York State, where I worked as a music specialist…

5 Reasons You Should Work At a Special Needs Camp

All across the USA there are loads of Summer Camps that work with adults and children with special needs. Working at a special needs camp will be one of the best experiences of your life…

Outdoor Adventure (OA) Specialist

My first week at Outdoor Adventure.127 bug bites, a poison ivy outbreak and the removal of 4 snakes from our equipment shed. Was it really worth it? 110%.

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