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AmeriCamp Costs

For many, the pursuit of the American dream is nothing short of a nightmare. Personal funds often fall short of the towering financial requirements requested from many mainstream travel companies. AmeriCamp costs allow applicants to realise their own dreams and secure a dream Summer whilst working at Camp!

Lee McAteer, AmeriCamp CEO, found himself out of pocket following his experience at Camp; he has since set out on a personal crusade to ensure that workers are rewarded fairly financially at Camp.

How Are AmeriCamp Costs Structured?

AmeriCamp costs have been arranged so that applicants will not only enjoy a memorable experience, but they will also be rewarded with a financial incentive of up to $1850! This financial structure pops plenty of pennies into applicants pockets to explore the USA. Moreover, AmeriCamp offer great support for explorers who may require some advice as to where they should go after they have completed their time working at Camp!

The salary offered by the company is unrivalled by any other competitor and a significant contributor to AmeriCamp being named ‘Best Summer Camp Organisation’ by Save The Student an impressive seven consecutive years. With AmeriCamp costs split into three manageable stages, AmeriCamp have uncovered a way of outweighing programme fees in relation to salaries for participants, without sacrificing the overall quality of a thriving product.

AmeriCamp costs total £279 and are divided into three staggered payments, otherwise referred to as ‘Stages.’

An assortment of terrific benefits are included within the AmeriCamp costs of £279. Each incentive is useful for applicants due to take part in the programme.

For instance, fee payment secures the placement at one of the best Camps in America for the Summer, as well as all meals and accommodation for the duration of the Camp placement; medical insurance, visa support and access to discounted flights are also included.

With a healthy salary on offer as well as a great product, it’d seem that it’s mission accomplished in the pursuit for financial parity.

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