Why AC?

Best Summer Camp Organisation for six years running!

For six consecutive years AmeriCamp has been independently named “Best Summer Camp Organisation” by Save The Student. This was due to the fact that we pay the highest salaries, offer the lowest costs and have flight flexibility, coupled with our excellent customer service. It’s the biggest award in the Summer Camp in America industry and we work ever so hard to ensure we keep winning it.

Not only that we can also reveal that for the past 23 years we have successfully #plACed 100% of all applicants who committed to the programme, now tell us another Summer Camp company who can claim that!

With AmeriCamp you are not just a number, but an important person that we welcome into our family. We want to offer you the best service and the best Summer experience of a lifetime. Now enough from us, we’ll stop talking and let others convince you.

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Did you know? The AmeriCamp Team pay for Dominos Pizza at all of our orientations along with free drinks for all of our AmeriCampers.