AmeriCamp sends thousands of people from all around the world to work and travel at Summer camps in America.

There are so many different job roles available and as long as you’re passionate and want to work with kids we will work with you to help get you to the USA no matter if you have loads of work experience or not.

Here at AmeriCamp, we love to help you guys fulfil that American dream and don’t forget as part of your AmeriCamp placement all your food and accommodation is covered as part of the overall process and you get a salary of up to $1750! 

All of our staff members have experienced how awesome camp is, whilst working in roles such as drama and dance helpers, horse riding instructors, lifeguards, sports coaches and girl scout leaders amongst many many other roles and we’re always happy to answer any questions that you may have – with our huge camp experience, we’re confident that there isn’t a problem that we won’t be able to solve! If you’re not sure what role you could do at a camp in America then we can help with this too. There really is a role for everyone believe us!

When we’re not sipping on tea and eating #FreeBiscuits in our larger than life ball pool at HQ (the world’s largest adult pit!), thinking how to make your experience at camp as magical as possible, we’re picking up amazing awards for our hard-work; Save The Student have crowned us Best Summer Camp America agency six years running!

Remember folks, AmeriCamp was founded on a dream to offer the highest salaries and lowest prices for people around the world who wanted to work at what people would refer to as ‘Camp America’ even if they weren’t referring to the company of the same name. We are certainly not Camp America the organisation and definitely don’t want to be, we are something much much better and that is AmeriCamp!

Okay we are biased, but the awards and our huge social media following do back up our opinion. Think Nokia to Apple and you will get the picture… original isn’t always better, but either way our job is to get you on that plane to a camp in America and we want you to choose AmeriCamp!

With a 100% placement record for the last three years and legendary camp fairs (events in which we get you #plACed with a camp in America) that include random things such as #FreeBiscuits, #FreeCandy and #FreeMcDonalds we want to welcome you with big arms into the AmeriCamp family. 

The application process doesn’t take too long and with all our help it’s as easy as eating one of our legendary #FreeBiscuits and for a summer of a lifetime believe us when we say it’s worth every minute!

See why our past AmeriCamper's love AmeriCamp so much!

Here at AmeriCamp, our participants our part of an increasingly growing family! We have a desire to provide support for all of our staff and provide a summer that will never be forgotten! To hear why some of our latest applicants loved AmeriCamp so much, press play on the video.

We Have Been Named Best Summer Camp Organisation for Seven Years Running!

We Have Been Named Best Summer Camp Organisation for Seven Years Running!

Our unrivalled salaries, low costs and flight flexibility have seen AmeriCamp named Best Summer Camp America Organisation by Save The Student for seven consecutive years; we continually strive to offer excellent customer service throughout the application process.

We’ve Had 100% Placement Rates!

We’ve Had 100% Placement Rates!

We are delighted that we have enjoyed a 100% placement rate for applicants who have applied for a place at one of our wonderful Camps!

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