What is AmeriCamp?

AmeriCamp was founded on a dream to offer the highest salaries and lowest prices for people around the world who wanted to work at what people would refer to as “Camp America”. For many years we have managed to continue our original mission statement for the benefit of the thousands of people that have done AmeriCamp whilst at the same time giving out lots of #FreeBiscuits. 


We have been named Best Summer Camp Organisation for Six Years Running!

For six years on the spin AmeriCamp has been independently named “Best Summer Camp Organisation” by Save The Student. This was due to the fact that we pay the highest salaries, offer the lowest costs and have flight flexibility, coupled with our excellent customer service. It’s the biggest award in the Summer Camp in America industry and we work ever so hard to ensure we keep winning it. For 2015, 2016 and 2017 we had a 100% placement ratio for everyone who completed everything on time and to be blunt nobody else can compete with that statistic! .




With AmeriCamp you are not just a number, but an important person that we welcome into our family. We want to offer you the best service and the best Summer experience of a lifetime. Now enough from us, we’ll stop talking and let others convince you.


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Why the #FreeBiscuit Obsession?

We all know nobody can turn down a good ol’ biscuit but the real story goes something like this… … one night the founders were sitting around a table discussing the beginnings of an amazing company they would soon call AmeriCamp. As the details of the organisation were being kicked around they were sharing a lovely pack of custard creams (to be honest it was a couple of packs). When AmeriCamp was finally born the founders wanted to share their love of biscuits with all and so #freebiscuits was born. What does this mean for you? Well the obvious, free biscuits whenever we see you. Events, orientations, presentations means free biscuits for everyone; or join in our twitter banter and you could possible get free biscuits at your front door (or mail box). AmeriCamp FreeBiscuits


Did you know? AmeriCamp was the first organization to become verified on Twitter in the entire Summer Camp Sector! Oh and before we forget you also get discounts with Camp Thailand, Camp South AfricaAusJob, Camp Canada, ThaiJobs, Invasion and Camp South Africa through AmeriCamp click the links to check them out. A pretty sweet deal really, just not quite as good as #FreeBiscuits.