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#44 Days Until Camp: San Jose, California

Today we are in San Jose, California! Kick back, relax and read up on some of the awesome stuff there is to do in SJ!

Pictured above is the Winchester Mystery House, built by the widow of a famous gun magnate, it was never truly finished, and never had a real plan. Check it out and see if you can figure out what Sarah Winchester wanted to build! Also pictured is the Tech Museum of Innovation, originally located in a garage, this massive facility shows a small glimpse of the future, and is very engaging for people of all ages! 

If you’re feeling a bit thrifty, head to the famous San Jose Flea market, running since 1950 you’re sure to find something quirky for a bargain! If you want to travel back in time, head to History Park. Designed to look like a US town 100 years ago, there is a host of buildings to visit and provides a brilliant insight to life the US a century ago.

Is California calling? It’s not too late to sign up, head to www.AmeriCamp.co.uk/apply and prepare for the Summer of a Lifetime!

Top: San Jose, California
Bottom left: Winchester Mystery House
Bottom Right: The Technology Museum of Innovation

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